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Use a table to avoid calculating some subtraction (+ 、-、 *,/), the number of small points we can use mental arithmetic, but the number is big, it is best to think of some other way, such as today to say for you "Excel automatic quadrature formula." Whether you use Excel form or not, believe that after reading this tutorial, you will certainly be able to find the product.

Excel Automatic Quadrature method:

Step one, mouse point to C1 cell, and then enter the formula "=A1*B1";

Step two, at this point, start typing in the second row of cells you need the number of product, the following figure

Step three, OK, the most critical moment is here. We will select the mouse "C1", and then when the cursor into the shape of the cross has been the net pull down, the following figure;

Let go of the mouse, you will find that all automatic calculation of the product has been completed, do not believe you look at the next figure, to see the calculation of the right!

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