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AO 3 is a concise, high-speed browser, and has a lot of practical functions, we want to use today is the video download function. First of all, need to download, installation, 3 Proud tour. Its installation process is very concise, worry, the author here is not explained in detail.

Proud Tour 3 built-in video download function, no need to install additional plug-ins. Users only need to use 3 open their desired video playback page, the mouse to move to the video playing area, 3 can be intelligent recognition, and pop-up Video control button for users to choose.

Figure 1

The video control button is located in the upper-right corner of the video, with three options for pop-up, save, and close. Where the video pop-up can be a Web page inside the video as a stand-alone window pop-up, and play independently. Close to close the button to abort the operation. And we're going to use the "save" option here to save the page video.

Figure 2

Click the Save button, AO 3 will automatically pop-up video of the actual address, and provide save, copy link two choices. Occasionally some video will be played in more than a few paragraphs, AO 3 will be recognized as a display, and provides the "Save All" option.

Figure 3

When you choose to save, the download dialog box pops up, which has been filled in with information that we can modify as needed.

The first column: "Target URL" generally do not need to change, here is proud to swim 3 sniff to the real address of video.

The second column: "FileName", proud tour will automatically fill out the name given to the site, here I follow their own ideas have been renamed. Note: Do not mistake the filename suffix.

The third column: "Save to" is to select the saved directory, the user can fill in directly, or click the dialog box "Browse" to select the directory.

After filling in the information, click the Save button, you can start downloading. Depending on the speed and size of the file, you need to wait some time. Once the download is complete, you will be free to watch the video without being affected by the network environment.

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