To the legendary cainiao

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All come from cainiao.
What do cainiao do?
Show more by yourself
Ask if you have any questions.
One day you will fly
If you really want to be a truly independent hacker"
Relying on others is a bad habit.
You are not the best player in the legend.
I really don't know what to say
Classic cainiao statement:
"How about being a master ?" -- What can I say? I can only say yes, and I am always teaching him something, Dizzy ~ How can I know what you want to learn? The scope is too large. It doesn't matter if the master is not a master. Can I tell you a reasonable question?
"Give me a black XX Website" --- "depressing ~ Why are so many destructive elements?
"Teach me how to steal QQ" -- "Fuck. Although I am a cainiao, no one in my mind taught me this ~ You can use Google to search for numerous tutorials and software, and you will not learn how to configure them.
"Teach me the black Website" -- "Oh ~ If it turns into an active model, even if Black is regarded as an art and a technology, the scope is too wide?
My favorite questions:
"I have encountered difficulties in learning the east and west, and I have searched the internet. I still don't know. I think XXXX is very vague. Ask me for help." --- 55555555, I was touched, even if I wouldn't ask you, my technology may not work, but I have friends you don't know, haha ~ Help you ~
What is technology sharing on the Internet ~ I think it doesn't matter. There is nothing to hide in technology. Maybe there are some technical dangers that are especially dangerous and not suitable for sharing with others. So we should not use the hacker's freedom to share it in the future ~ It looks like a fox who cannot eat grapes, At least you start from yourself.

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