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Word is our most commonly used word processing tools, commonly used in text and table processing, in fact, this is only the basic use of Word, in fact, we can play a bit of strange thinking, using Word to dress up our desktop, bring alternative flavor bar!

One, the calendar on the desktop

Because Word has a powerful Insert object feature, we can insert a calendar control into a document, save the document as an HTML document, and then go back to the desktop to set up the wallpaper, and then select the saved HTML document to display the calendar on the desktop.

When you start Word2003, open the Object command under the Insert menu, pops up the Object dialog box, selects Calendar control in object type, and clicks OK (Figure 1), which automatically adds a calendar icon to the document and opens the Control Toolbox toolbar. At this point we first select the inserted control and set it to the right display of the page, which is primarily for the purpose of saving HTML as a desktop wallpaper, so that the calendar appears on the top right of the desktop, without affecting the viewing of other icons on the desktop.

Figure 1st Calendar Control

If you feel that the current calendar interface is poor, you can beautify it, select the inserted Calendar control and right-click, select the Properties command from the Calendar Object submenu in the pop-up menu, and in the open window you can set various parameter settings for the calendar, including the appearance (Figure 2).

Figure 2 Parameter setup computer Tutorial

This time there is only one calendar in the document, it is very lonely, so let us beautify its background. Open the Format menu, select the Fill Effect command on the Background menu, switch the open window to the Texture tab, and then select the effect you like. Of course, if you want to use a picture as the desktop, you can switch the window to the Picture tab, click the "Select Picture" button to add your favorite pictures.

When you're done, you can open the File menu, select Save As, and save your Word document in HTML format in the open window.

Now we can turn word off and right-click on the desktop, select Properties from the pop-up menu to open the Display Properties window, switch the open window to the Desktop tab, click the Browse button, add the HTML you just saved, and set it to the desktop background (Figure 3).

Figure 3 Desktop Effects

Second, scrolling message on the desktop

In the rush of work, it's easy to forget small things, even if your memory is superb, then in peacetime work may also need to give some notice to other colleagues, if it happens to be temporarily unable to contact colleagues, and they desperately need to go out, this time we can use Word to create a desktop scrolling message, You can see the tips on your desktop when you are done with your co-workers.

When you start Word, open Toolbars on the View menu, select Web Toolbox, click the scrolling Text button on the Web Toolbox toolbar that opens (Figure 4), and set it in the Open scrolling text window. where "Behavior" is set to "Scroll" (scrolling); Background color "For background colors, you can open the Drop-down menu to choose;" Direction "indicates the direction of scrolling, and" left "is the right to leftwards; Loop "for the number of times the loop is scrolled," Infinite "means unlimited number of times; Speed "is the scrolling speed, the faster the right speed; After you have made these settings, we can enter the contents of the scrolling message in the" Type the scrolling text here "window (Figure 5). When you are done, click the OK button to return to the word main interface, select the scrolling text object, change its display position as needed, and beautify the page.

Figure 4 Web Toolbox

Figure 5 Scrolling text

After doing all the work, you can save the file as an HTML file, and then set it as a desktop background so that as soon as your co-worker comes back and uses the computer, you'll see the scrolling notice you gave him at the top of the screen.

In fact, the alternative application of Word is more than these two points, as long as we usually do the life of the conscientious, attention to mining must be able to find more new word play.

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