Today you give seats to others, in the future people give you seats

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This sentence is not my original, but a public service advertisement on the bus, this is a very good thing, was so said, seems to be stale.

Take the seat of public transport is not a new topic, will go out out to fry, for let and do not let the controversy, the network before there has been a heated debate, both sides uncompromising, in addition to the mouth addiction difficult to have a conclusion.

Aged respected is a traditional virtue, along with everyone's growth, seems to be branded in everyone's heart. This is also my public transport is very difficult to see the real old and young in the car without seat phenomenon.

Today do not say let and do not let, say this slogan, feel is defective, personal feeling is not only to give seats to the old and young, but to the people who need to seat, Beijing bus to do better, broadcast turns broadcast, please take the initiative to the old and young sick pregnant and people need to seat, more comprehensive 360 ℃ without dead angle. However, the context of this advertisement should only cover the elderly, then the topic narrowed to the question of giving seats to the elderly, this sentence is with a clear idea of the return on investment, perhaps in the market economy too long, all money, even the seat of such things need to have a breeding period, it is really difficult to imagine the actual effect of advertising, Sincerely hope that the community more love and understanding, so that the behavior of the seat to the heart rather than a transaction.

Today you give seats to others, in the future people give you seats

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