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Large game (FP available)
1. Thrilling Queta FP (the game lasts for 2 minutes, with 22 participants at a time)
It is said to be the No. 1 of sea. I think it is average. My mom thinks it is too exciting.
The game is located on the left of the Mediterranean harbor in the US coastal theme area,
It is the beautiful American waterfront. There is a huge Columbia ship.
I want to summarize the spoiler content and write it below. I don't want to watch it before I play it.
It can be skipped. I did my homework beforehand.
Take a closer look at the map, identify the location, and take your mom as soon as you enter the garden.
Run to this game ---- grab FastPassport!
(The FP acquisition interval is two hours.) the game is very popular,
We can see from two points that the first is the time schedule for playing the game with FP,
I took the FP around, and the game time was more;
The other is the person waiting in the queue to get FP. I just arrived at the castle and was still waiting for Shen.
When I was looking for a place where I got FP, I was surrounded by a group of people,
In one direction! It is strongly recommended that you use FP to play this game. Never line up!

2. Storm knight FP (122 persons in 14 minutes)
It is said that this project can enter the first three of Disney's oceans. I think that's the case.
Try to use FP to play. Although there are a lot of people going in at a time, the time for a game is not short.
The location is in futuristic port, between the U.S. port and the Inca port,
I played other games several times back and forth, but I didn't notice that it was a large game.

3, Indian Jones Adventure FP (3 minutes 12 people)
This is at the Inga port in the Delta, and there is another roller coaster that needs FP, that is, two
Large Games are sitting next to each other. I used to rush here as soon as I entered the garden,
However, the distance is a little small, and the road is not familiar,
The castle is arranged first. This game is also very popular, and FP is strongly recommended,
If you are honest, the slow team will die.

4. furious dual-God FP (49 people in 2 minutes)
It is said that it is the latest roller coaster here, just beside indian jones at the Delta port India and Canada.
You can slow down the queue and have time to play while waiting for the frozen time of FP. I think
It's fun. Mom has been closed, but unfortunately.

5. FP (24 persons in 10 minutes)
In the Arab port. You can queue up slowly, and do not need to renew the FP. Casual Games.

6. magic light theater FP (10 minutes, 320 people)
It is also in the Arab port, because there are a lot of people entering at a time, you can also not use FP to play.
No thrilling links.

7. Earth exploration tour FP (6 persons in 3 minutes)
The game is under that volcano building, and this is the right mountain of Prometheus.
It is the landmark of Disney sea. You can see this great volcano without entering the park,
When there is a thrilling link, people can send their seat belts. I played by the slow team,
Since there are not many human beings, it is recommended to use FP.

8. 5-minute FP (6 persons in 5 minutes)
A very spam game, this project does not need to wear a seat belt, it feels like taking a tour car,
Look at the sculptures in the water, and there are Japanese voices in the car. 2.
A game that is a waste of life, deceiving people to use FP games.

The above are eight major games, and the following is a spoiler.

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