Tomato Garden system at the end?

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Tomato Garden Forum, computer Company Special Edition, Pig Cat, rain forest wind, depth ... For some netizens, these familiar names carry many of their online memories. But in the future, this may be a history.

In recent days, the Tomato Garden Forum was sealed, webmaster caught rumors in the network quietly circulated, although no official media to confirm the news, but the Tomato Garden Forum from the beginning of the 16th can not landing the reality of the people have to feel puzzled.

"August 18 after 1:00, the website opened." Web site Bulletin said, ' Tomato garden Entertainment Network is in the revision ... ' a technology website that once provided the installed disc, in the revision called itself ' entertainment Network ', enough to show that the site has changed a little "(August 18 Huajun Network China Army information).

Then, the author found that a number of system forums small scale revision, a lot about the content of the system has disappeared. The Tomato Garden revision is like a signal, is the tomato garden and so on the way to crack the system came to an end?

I always think that Microsoft and gates should "thank" China for these forums, without these masters, Microsoft's system would not have been so widespread in China, and I "admired" these Chinese "geniuses" who have played the ultimate role of system beautification and High-tech popularization, such as the tomato garden, and I feel sorry for these people, Their talent can only contribute to the popularity of Microsoft, the ultimate fate is only "Shing".

I think some of those who benefit from these forums should also "thank" these webmasters. Although the use of piracy is not glorious, but if not them, thousands of dollars in the system disk, the poor can not afford to buy anyway. Although they have also earned a great deal of benefit from it.

Although cracked also brought danger, Trojans, hackers take advantage of the interests of the drive to allow rogue software opportunities. Can be practical, localization let some people more and more respected these systems, some forums have become a brand. At the same time, when people began to leave Microsoft's system, Microsoft also began to reduce prices, "free" pre-installed system with the brand into the tens of thousands of households. It is clear that Microsoft has shifted from its initial "one eye shut" acquiescence to a counterattack.

Many of the forum's technology is very clever, commercialization is also very successful, but very naïve, coral polyps seem to have no one's attention. Microsoft is going to get mad sooner or later, maybe the big tomato quoted the phrase "patent fees we have paid in the Qing Dynasty" has some reason, but the modern society does not believe these, the modern society needs is the law, the related department sooner or later is to take the measure, if we want to send the Microsoft to the dock, that solves the problem must need to solve, Otherwise we don't have any say.

Therefore, the tomato garden and other forums to break the system can only be more and more narrow. Of course, if the cracked discs are circulated among the forums without going to the installed counter, this pure art-plus-technology study may continue.

The Tomato Garden Revision, the other forum website large-scale revision day also not too far.

But this is not bad for consumers, tomato garden and other ways to crack the system came to an end, but this may be the beginning of Microsoft's "Antitrust law" trial court accused. Let's wait and see.

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