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first, under normal circumstances, we successfully installed Tomcat, in the browser input http://localhost:8080 can normally open the kitten page, but sometimes because of the Tomcat version or computer system reasons, unable to open the page.


second, can not open the reasons for many, the following simple explanation of the solution:

"Workaround One"

The computer must have JDK installed, and if your computer has multiple versions of JDK installed, you must configure the environment variable Java_home value (C:\Program files\java\jdk1.6.0_11), which is the JDK installation path you have installed.

"Workaround Two"

(1) If the JDK installation and configuration is not a problem, you should determine if your tomcat port is 8080, which is the default port for Tomcat installation is 8080. When you start Tomcat6.exe, you can see that the port on which the server listens is: 8080

(2) The Tomcat server must be started before the browser can enter http://localhost:8080, that is, the \tomcat 6.0\ must be started first Bin file under the Tomcat6.exe program, and can not close the program, otherwise could not open the page.

the workaround three "

(1) If none of the above can be resolved, you may try to modify the server's listening port(PS: Most of the reasons can not be opened through this method)

(2) The method is: in the Tomcat directory under the directory of the Conf found file "Server.xml" file, with Notepad to open

(3) Change the port= "8080" to port= "80" and save

(4) Then rerun: Tomcat6.exe program, again in the browser open: HTTP://LOCALHOST:80 will be able to see the hairy page

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