Tomcat installation configuration under Windows 2000

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  First, Tomcat introduction
Since JSP release, the introduction of a variety of JSP engine. After completing the development of GNUJSP1.0, the Apache group began to consider developing a JSP server that could provide Web services directly on Sun JSWDK, and of course supporting the servlet. In this way, Tomcat was born. Tomcat is a completely free software that anyone can download freely from the Internet. The combination of Tomcat and Apache is quite perfect.

   second, the preparation before installation
Before you install Tomcat, you should have Apache and JDK installed under your Win2000, and you should have a general idea of the status and interrelationships of Apache, JDK, and Tomcat in the system. If you have not installed Apache and JDK, you can refer to the use of Apache1.3.20 under Windows, installation of JDK1.3.1 under Windows.
Third, download the required software
First from the downloads the and unzip it to a directory (we're using c://tomcat). The following directory structure is available:
|---bin tomcat execution script directory
|---conf tomcat configuration file
|---doc Tomcat document
|---Lib Tomcat runs the required library files (JARS)
|---Logs tomcat execution log file
|---src Tomcat source code
|---webapps Tomcat's main Web publishing directory
Tomcat's working directory, Tomcat puts Java files and class files from translating JSP files here
And then you need to go from ApacheModuleJServ.dll download ApacheModuleJserv.dll.
   Iv. make simple settings
Select "My Computer", right-click the menu, select Properties, Pop-up Dialog "System Features", select the Advanced Options page, then click "Environment Variables", you can edit the system's environment variables.
Tomcat_home Value: c://tomcat//jakarta-tomcat-3.2.3 (indicates tomcat root directory)
Java_home value: c://jdk1.3.1 (JDK installation directory)
Classpath value: C://jdk1.3.1//lib//tools.jar;c://tomcat//jakarta-tomcat-3.2.3//lib//servlet.jar;
In addition, some reference books mentioned that in the Chinese system installed JDK1.3, the system registry will have problems, with Regedit open the registration form to check JavaSoft, the location of hkey_local_machine->software->javasoft->, " Java Runtime Environment "should be changed to" Java Runtime environment "," Java plug-in "should be changed to" Java Plug-in ", I installed under Win2000 did not encounter this situation, you may wish to check after the installation is complete.
The next step is to perform the c://tomcat//jakarta-tomcat-3.2.3//bin//startup.bat. Test to see if Tomcat is functioning properly.
Now, we create a helloworld.jsp file in the c://tomcat//jakarta-tomcat-3.2.3//webapps//examples//jsp directory:
<%@ page contentype= "text/html;charset=gb2312"%>
JSP test Page---helloworld!
<%= "helloworld! <br> World, Hello!" </BODY>
In the browser's address bar, type:
This proves that Tomcat has been able to work properly. Please note that if you type http://localhost/examples/jsp/HelloWorld.jsp, you will not be able to see this image because Tomcat is not yet in use with Apache.
   Five, Tomcat and Apache cooperation
From the above we can see that Tomcat can actually be used as a stand-alone Web server. However, there are a lot of performance gaps between Tomcat and Apache as a Web server. So, we typically use Tomcat in conjunction with Apache. Tomcat itself is a subproject of Apache, so Tomcat provides strong support for Apache.
First copy the ApacheModuleJserv.dll file we obtained in the third part to the modules subdirectory of the Apache installation directory, then open the http.conf file in the Conf subdirectory of the Apache installation directory with a text editor and add the following two lines to the last side:
LoadModule Jserv_module Modules
INCLUDE c://tomcat//jakarta-tomcat-3.2.3
Restart the Apache service and perform c://tomcat//jakarta-tomcat-3.2.3//bin//startup.bat. Then type in the address bar of the browser:, you'll see the footage, which proves that your tomcat is perfectly integrated with Apache.

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