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1. Set tomcat6w.exe

Add in Java options:
-XX: permsize = 256 m
-XX: maxpermsize = 512 m

2. Configure in environment variables:

Environment variable:-xms512m-xmx1024m-XX: permsize = 256 m-XX: maxpermsize = 512 m

Environment variable name: java_opts

3. Non-installed edition settings are as follows:

Modify tomcat_home/bin/Catalina. Sh
Add the following line to "Echo" using catalina_base: $ catalina_base ": java_opts ="-server-XX: permsize = 256 m-XX: maxpermsize = 512 m

The full name of permgen space is permanent generation space, which refers to the permanent storage area of the memory. This memory mainly stores class and meta information, when a class is loaded, it will be placed in the permgen space. It is different from the heap region where the class instance is stored. GC (garbage collection) permgen space is not cleaned up during the main program running period. Therefore, if the app loads many classes, the permgen space error may occur, this error occurs when the pre-Compile of JSP on the Web server exceeds the default JVM size (4 MB ).

Suggestion: Move the same third-party jar files to the tomcat/shared/lib directory to reduce the memory usage of jar files. Specific memory usage can be set by computer memory.

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