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Tomorrow's network file Upload management system V1.0
Copyright: Tomorrow's website (
Program production: Liu Qixing
Copyright 2001-2002 Rights Reserved.
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[Copyright notice]
This software provides free personal websites for free use,
You can freely use, spread, or modify its source code, but cannot use it for any commercial diagram.
If your website officially uses this script, please let us know, I just want to know
How many people are using my software.
If possible, place our link on your website and hope to cooperate.
Thank you!
Do not delete the copyright statement.
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[Software introduction]
Welcome to "tomorrow's network file Upload management system V1.0", which is created by tomorrow's network
( independent development and production. This software is free of charge, so you can safely
Use, spread. In addition, we can develop this software based on your requirements. For details, please contact:
The following is a detailed description of the software.
Text block Directory:
========================================================== ===
1. Software features
2. System requirements
3. Simple software configuration
4. FAQs
5. Additional instructions
1. Software features
========================================================== ===
Tomorrow's network file Upload management system is a full-featured network file management system developed based on ASP,
Its interface and operations are developed in the form of Microsoft Windows resource manager. The interface is friendly and simple.
You can completely manage the files of the entire website. You can upload any types of files to the server from a local computer,
You can delete or rename a file or folder, or create a folder in any Directory. You can also edit the folder online.
Text files in any format, such as *. htm, *. html, *. asp, *. php, *. jsp, *. cgi ...... (And
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