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Why Choose Harmony?

As the classification of TV channels and broadcast media continues to grow and the demand for local content grows, animation studios need to create fresh content in digital formats that support satellites, cables, mobile devices, IPTV, and networks. Toon Boom Harmony is the most advantageous solution, from pre-production, design, image synthesis to multiplatform rendering, which can handle all the steps.

New technology brings freedom of creation

Harmony 10 has developed a toolkit for redefining innovative Freedom on a digital platform. Using the tool like True Pencil (real pencil), you can paint a pencil line that supports textures. There is also a deform tool that allows images and drawings to be deformed through advanced skeleton and curved deformable devices. In short, students can use different styles to enjoy their unlimited creative possibilities.

Students can also experience the effects Inside (internal effects) function, with built-in particle effects and more than 10 other effects. There is also the 2d-3d integration (2D to 3D Integration) tool, which allows the output in harmony to be modified in 3D format while also supporting element conversions on 3 axes. Students and instructors will feel the advantages of Harmony's 10 powerful 64-bit engine, which enhances the speed, performance, and processing power of this new software creation.

Toon Boom has a wide customer base, from the famous studios that create Hollywood animated movies to the individual animators who created the first works. Market-leading Studios using Toon Boom products include: Disney, Nelvana, Warner Bros., Nick International Children's channel, cartoon TV network, Fox, Bento box,film Roman, CCTV, DQ Entertainment, Emation,rough Draft Korea,alphanim,cromosoma and Enarmonia and so on.

HARMONY Art Course

Harmony Art Course for higher education level Animation school design, teaching traditional animation, paperless animation and digital paper-cut animation courses. It is a good springboard for students to face the needs of the future market.

What is the target?

The goal of the course is to guide students to the experience of creating in a production environment. Enable them to master advanced technology and production standard software.

How are the courses arranged?

Teaching Handbook for Teachers

The teacher's teaching manual is for teachers ' use only. It includes modules, activities and outline descriptions as well as Student Handbook exams, evaluation forms and modification forms.

Student Handbook

The student handbook consists of three modules that contain all the theories and activities of the entire course. Using this handbook, students have all the tools they need to learn and practise painting skills.

What are the teaching contents?

A brief introduction to animation history

Introduction to Animation technology

Introduction to Animation Workflows

Role Design

Role Building Worksheets


Squeeze and Stretch

Pretreatment, dragging and covering

Traditional two-legged walking cycle

Traditional four leg walking cycle

Jump Animation

Include worksheets and timing

Time axis

Digital animation


Prep Action

Decomposition and the corresponding type

Digital deformation

Layout and Styling

Image synthesis

Digital Scene Settings

Digital 3D Scene Settings

Multi-layer transformation




Resource Management

Computer generated effects

Split-Role design

Split role decomposition and binding

Split role Animation


Split four-leg walking cycle

Output and rendering


2d to 3D Integration


Compatible with Storyboard Pro and Pencil Check Pro

To get complete education for animation production, use Toon Boom Harmony with pencil Check Pro and Storyboard pro.

Pencil Check Pro is the preferred line-testing software that allows you to create real-time viewing of line-detection movies with synchronized sounds, while using industry-standard tools to fill exposure worksheets. Storyboard Pro, a powerful story-making application, is the perfect choice for creating a full digital story version and generating animations (lycra bands).

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