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Top 10 most popular PHP frameworks in foreign countries. The following are the ten most popular PHP frameworks based on MVC design patterns. 1. YiiYii is a component-based high-performance PHP framework for developing large-scale Web applications. Yii uses the following Strictly ten most popular MVC-based PHP frameworks.

1. Yii

Yii is a component-based high-performance PHP framework for developing large-scale Web applications. Yii is written in strict OOP mode and has complete library references and Comprehensive tutorials. From MVC, DAO/ActiveRecord, widgets, caching, hierarchical RBAC, Web services, to the subject, I18N and L10N, Yii provides almost all the functions required for Web 2.0 application development today. And the price of this framework is not too high. In fact, Yii is one of the most efficient PHP frameworks.

2. CodeIgniter

CodeIgniter is an application development framework-a toolkit designed by people who build PHP websites. Its goal is to quickly develop projects: it provides a wide range of database groups to complete common tasks, as well as a simple interface to access these databases in a well-organized architecture. CodeIgniter development can inject more creativity into the project because it saves a lot of coding time.

3. CakePHP

CakePHP is a framework for rapid PHP Development. it uses common design patterns such as ActiveRecord, Association Data Mapping, Front Controller, and MVC. Its main goal is to provide a framework for PHP developers to quickly develop web applications at any level, and this quick implementation does not sacrifice project elasticity.

4. PHPDevShell

PHPDevShell is an open-source (GNU/LGPL) rapid application development framework for developing pure PHP without Javascript. It has a complete GUI administrator background interface. Its main goal is to develop management-based applications such as plug-ins. speed, security, stability, and elasticity are the top priorities. The design forms a simple learning curve, and PHP developers do not need to learn complicated new terms. The advent of PHPDevShell meets the need of developers for a lightweight but functional GUI that can be configured without restrictions.

5. Akelos

The Akelos PHP Framework is a web application development platform based on the MVC design model. Based on good habits, you can use it to complete the following tasks:

◆ Convenient use of Ajax to compile views

◆ Request and response management through the controller)

◆ Manage international applications

◆ Use simple protocols to communicate with models and databases

Your Akelos application can run on most shared host service providers, because the only requirement of Akelos for servers is to support PHP. Therefore, the Akelos PHP framework is ideal for publishing individual web applications because it can run without non-standard PHP configurations.

6. Symfony

Symfony is a web application framework used to develop PHP5 projects.

This framework aims to accelerate the development and maintenance of web applications and reduce repeated coding work.

Symfony has low system requirements and can be easily installed on any settings: you only need a Unix or Windows network server installed with PHP5. It is compatible with almost all databases. The price of Symfony is not high, which is much lower than that of the host.

For PHP developers, using Symfony is a natural thing, and its learning curve is only one day. A clean design and code readability can shorten the development time. Developers can apply the principles of Agile development (such as DRY, KISS, or XP) to the application logic layer, instead of spending a lot of time writing endless XML configuration files.

Symfony is designed to build comprehensive enterprise-level applications. That is to say, you have control over the entire configuration: from the path structure to the external database, almost everything can be customized. To comply with enterprise development regulations, Symfony has also bound some additional tools for project testing, debugging, and archiving.

7. Prado

The PRADO team is composed of some PRADO enthusiasts who develop and promote the PRADO framework and related projects.

PRADO is inspired by Apache Tapestry. Since, PRADO has become one of the open-source projects on SourceForge. This project is now in version 3.x.

8. Zend

As an extension of PHP's art and spirit, the Zend framework is based on simple, object-oriented best methods to facilitate enterprise license agreements and rapidly tested code libraries. The Zend framework is designed to build safer and more reliable Web 2.0 applications and web services, and is continuously developed from leading vendors (such as Google, Amazon, Yahoo, Flickr, StrikeIron and ProgrammableWeb) API to absorb the essence.

9. ZooP

The Zoop PHP framework refers to the Zoop object-oriented PHP framework.

This is a stable, scalable, and portable framework. Since its birth, it has been used in many product development projects. Zoop is a fast, effective, and clean framework. It is very scalable. you can only install the features you need.

Developers who are not familiar with the code can also quickly develop secure web applications through Zoop. Skilled developers can make full use of Zoop elastically.

Zoop recommends that you separate the display, logic, and data layer (MVC.

Zoop is composed of many components and projects, including the smarty, prototype AJAX framework, and PEAR module. The efficient core component provides many functions that you originally needed to encode. Zoop's built-in error correction function can be configured to generate error logs in the production environment. this error log provides a lot of information and is highly readable and can be easily searched for and eliminated.

A special feature of Zoop is its GuiControls, which is a very innovative idea in PHP. It provides a lot of form widgets and a complete set of verification, and forms a framework that can easily create personalized GuiControls.

10. QPHP

QPHP stands for fast PHP. it is a MVC framework similar to ASP. NET. Basically, it is like this:

◆ Integrates the beauty of Java and C #

◆ Remove the ambiguous Perl language used in other PHP frameworks

◆ A large number of OOP-based concepts

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Bytes. 1. Yii is a component-based high-performance PHP framework for developing large-scale Web applications. Yii adopts strict...

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