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The following is an analysis of the top 10 industries and newspapers:

1. Simultaneous interpretation

300 thousands or 400 thousands RMB per year. No problem

Simultaneous Interpreters are called "the first major shortage of talents in the 21st Century ". As China's external economic exchanges increase and the Olympic Games bring about the emergence of "Conference opportunities", more and more simultaneous interpreters are required.

"The same salary is not calculated based on the annual salary and monthly salary. It is calculated by hour and minute. The current price is 4000 to 8000 yuan per hour ." Relevant People told reporters. "There will be more and more foreign companies entering China and Beijing after four years, and this line will certainly be more delicious. It should be easy to earn 300 thousands or 400 thousands yuan a year ." According to industry insiders.

2. 3g engineers

Basic annual salary: RMB 0.15 million to RMB 0.2 million

According to the related research report released by the world's information system, it is estimated that the Chinese 3G talent gap will reach more than 0.5 million people.

At present, there are few 3G talents, especially the shortage of compound talents. It is estimated that the basic annual salary of 3G engineers will be between 0.15 million yuan and 0.2 million yuan in four years. "From the current trends, the annual salary of some talents proficient in 0.1 million G technology in the wireless value-added service industry is about yuan. After 3G, the income of these talents should be higher ." According to a person from skynet.

3. Online Media Talents

The annual income ranges from 0.1 million RMB to 0.12 million RMB

At present, the monthly salary for online editing on websites such as Sina and Sohu is about 5000 yuan, and the average job income is between 8000 yuan and 10000 yuan.

"I believe that, four years later, when the advertising revenue of the entire online media increases, practitioners will have a better return ." An editor of Sina is confident in its own industry. It is predicted that the annual income should be between RMB 0.1 million and RMB 0.12 million.

4. Logistics engineers

Now you can earn 0.1 million yuan in a year.

The demand for logistics talents is more than 600 million. According to relevant statistics, only 21% of logistics practitioners with a university degree or above. Many logistics department managers are half the way out of the house and seldom receive professional training.

According to relevant sources, shell's current salary for fresh college students recruited in China is between RMB 6000 and RMB 8000 per month, which will be greatly improved after one year. "Now we can earn 70 thousand to 0.1 million yuan a year. It is estimated that there will only be more and less yuan in four years, because the energy is getting more and more tight ." This person said.

5. System Integration engineers

Estimated annual income: 0.1 million to 0.2 million RMB

After a new graduate who has no experience in applying for a system integration engineer, the salary of a college student is an annual salary of 80 thousand yuan. User Requirements for system integration services are constantly improved, from initial network construction to industry-based applications, to consulting services for business processes and resource policies. In the future, system integration engineers should be a high-performing job.

It is predicted that the annual salary of system integration engineers will be between RMB 0.1 million and RMB 0.2 million in the future.

6. Environment engineers

The annual income will be between 80 thousand yuan and 0.1 million yuan

According to relevant information, at present, there are only 0.13 million employees in China's environmental protection industry, of which more than 80 thousand are technicians. According to international practice, the gap in environmental engineers in China is about 0.42 million.

The reporter learned from relevant channels that with the development of the domestic real estate industry, the monthly salary of domestic garden designers and landscape designers is around 7000 or 8000 yuan. It is predicted that the annual income should be between RMB 80 thousand and RMB 0.1 million.

7. Actuary

The annual income ranges from 0.12 million to 0.15 million RMB

There are less than 10 actuaries recognized by the world insurance industry in China and more than 40 "quasi-Actuaries". In today's domestic talent market, the actuary is rare.

With the development of international insurance giants in China and the needs of domestic enterprises, the actuary is the most sought-after talent in the insurance industry in a few years. At present, the average annual salary abroad has reached 0.1 million US dollars, the current monthly salary in China is also more than 10 thousand yuan. Four years later, with the strengthening of people's awareness of insurance, the rise of the insurance industry will inevitably require more actuary. It is predicted that the annual income should be between RMB 0.12 million and RMB 0.15 million.

8. Customs reporter

Earning 0.1 million yuan per year is easy

After China's entry into the WTO, the rapid growth of foreign trade increased the demand for customs officers. According to the information displayed by chinacache and Zhaopin, the revenue of customs officers is between 5000 yuan and 8000 yuan per month. Currently, the monthly salary of customs officers in the developed Pearl River Delta region is between 7000 or 8000 yuan.

In the next few years, the job market's demand for customs officers will grow dozens of times. The salary increase of the Customs reporter is generally between 10%-20% a year. By that time, earning 0.1 million yuan a year is almost no problem.

9. Sales of Chinese and Western physicians/Pharmaceuticals

The annual income should be at least 60 thousand yuan

"There are three ways for graduates from medical colleges to go. One is to enter the hospital, emergency Doctors, obstetricians, gynecologists, ophthalmologists, pediatrician, dentists, and physiotherapy physicians are all very tasty. Second, they are entering pharmaceutical production and circulation enterprises. Third, they will continue their studies." A recruitment network director of the campus Department said that the industry is characterized by the old and more valuable, the current monthly salary of the pharmaceutical industry is between 3000 yuan to 5000 yuan, I believe there will be a better salary level in four years. It is predicted that the annual income should be at least 60 thousand yuan.

10. CPA

The annual income will be around 0.1 million yuan

According to the needs of China's rapid economic development, at least 0.35 million CPAs are urgently needed. Currently, only about 80 thousand persons are eligible for employment, of which less than 15% are internationally recognized.

Every year, four accounting firms, including Deloitte and BIBO, recruit graduates in colleges and universities. Their majors include statistics, law, and mathematics. Most of the new graduates of the four accounting firms earn a monthly salary of 5000 or 6000 yuan. In addition, the annual bonus will exceed 0.1 million yuan.

Top 10 most profitable industries

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