Top 10 practical open-source e-commerce tools

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Top 10 practical open-source e-commerce tools
GuideAccording to the U.S. Census Bureau, goods sold by online retailers in the second quarter of this year are worth $97.3 billion. This accounts for about 8% of total retail sales in the United States during the same period. If you are the boss of a small company, it seems very attractive to get a piece of cake from this market. However, if you do not understand the technology very well, opening an online store may be a difficult task.

We have introduced 10 E-commerce software solutions in this article, which make it easier for you to open online stores. These are all open-source solutions, which means that if you run software on your own server, they are completely free. If you do not want to host your website, many of the solutions can also be obtained through the host hosting provider, with only a small fee.

If you already have a website, many of the tools described in this article simplify the process of adding E-commerce functions to existing websites. Other tools are suitable for small companies starting from scratch. Even if you have never managed websites before, they are easy to use.

If you do not find the desired tool in this article, you will also find many other open-source e-commerce platforms. You should check HikaShop, Loaded Commerce, xt: Commerce or Zeuscart.

1. AbanteCart: open-source e-commerce software

AbanteCart is a fully functional free e-commerce solution, claiming to be "the most powerful e-commerce platform for selling any product ." It has a very easy-to-use Web-based interface without any programming knowledge. If you already have a blog or website, Abante makes it easy for you to embed a shopping cart into your existing page. The website even has a video, shows how to add the store feature to a website hosted on WordPress.

The software is completely free of charge. If you think you are still familiar with the technology, you should be able to fix it yourself. However, if you need some help, the website will also be linked to a partner company that provides services related to the software.


2. Broadleaf Commerce: open-source e-Commerce software

Although claiming to be an "enterprise-level" solution, Broadleaf Commerce is also applicable to small companies, especially if you want to expand your business rapidly. Well-known customers include The Container Store, Ganz, and Pep Boys. The complete solution includes shopping carts, search functions, content management systems, customer management, and order management functions. It can be customized and highly scalable.

Companies with an annual income of less than $5 million can use it for free. It also provides paid B2C, B2B, and multi-tenant versions, adding more features and support. Broadleaf also provides training, implementation, guidance, and function development services.


3. Jigoshop: open-source e-commerce software

If your current website or blog is built on WordPress, Jigoshop may be the right choice for you. To help small business owners maximize sales, it includes powerful search engine optimization (SEO) features and integrated marketing tools such as gift coupons, coupons, and more. The website provides several demos so that you can see the actual results before downloading them. It also provides a number of Extended parts with enhanced functions (including free and paid ). According to the official website, Jigoshop has downloaded more than 0.5 million downloads.


4. Magento: open-source e-commerce software

The award-winning Magento claims that it supports more than 1000 online retailers than any other e-commerce platform, and more than 250000 online stores use its free community edition. Well-known brands using the software include RosettaStone, Ghirardelli, Nike, Olympus, Radio Flyer and many other brands. It also provides a paid Enterprise Edition and a paid enterprise cloud edition.

For small companies, Magento works with Zoey (Zoey is a service provider that can design and host your website), including Magento-based e-commerce features, with charges starting at $89 per month. There is also a market on the official website. Many other partners provide related solutions and services, such as email marketing, Alliance marketing, host hosting and more.


5. NopCommerce: open-source e-commerce software

NopCommerce downloads more than 1.5 million people. It is one of the most popular open-source e-commerce solutions on the market. It is most suitable for growth-oriented small companies: the existing shopping cart solution does not meet the needs, and requires more features.

In 2015, as the best e-commerce tool for small companies, NopCommerce won the "Public Choice Award ". This solution is free of charge, but you can get paid support if you need it. The company has also reached cooperation with many companies that provide paid hosting for NopCommerce-based websites. Note: This software requires servers running Microsoft Windows and Microsoft SQL Server.


6. OsCommerce: open-source e-commerce software

OsCommerce is used by more than 280000 online stores to provide small company owners with all the software required to open self-hosted e-commerce websites. The project has been operating properly for 16 years and has achieved remarkable results. You can get paid support and other services through the project partners. It has more than 7000 free and paid attachments to enhance the functions of the platform.


7. PrestaShop: open-source e-commerce software

PrestaShop stands out for a large number of available themes, so it is easy to design e-commerce websites that meet the requirements of small companies. It also provides a wide range of features designed to increase sales, such as mobile device-friendly design, promotional banners, cross-selling, SEO tools, comments, email marketing and more tools.

This open-source e-commerce software includes built-in analysis technology that helps small company owners view the sales status of their stores and make rapid changes to increase traffic and revenue. In addition to free downloads, PrestaShop also has a paid cloud version, including host hosting. You can get additional services from numerous partners.


8. Spreecommerce: open-source e-commerce software

Spreecommerce is used by more than 45000 online retailers. It adopts a modular design that allows small companies to enable or disable features, so they can customize websites according to your specific requirements. This shop tool also provides unique features that allow end users to customize the shopping experience DD, such as style testing, product configuration tools, and subscription procurement.

Want to see the actual use of Spreecommerce before purchasing it? The company's website contains links to existing e-commerce websites that provide services and support for a large number of partners built using this open-source e-commerce software.


9. Ubercart: open-source e-commerce software

If you already have a website based on the popular Drupal content management system, Ubercart may be suitable for your open-source e-commerce software. It can sell physical goods or services, or charge advanced content (such as articles or videos ).

The website has a demo and multiple links pointing to the current online store that demonstrates its functions. Because it is part of the Drupal ecosystem, you can find many attachments and themes to help you customize it according to your specific requirements. It is also safe, user-friendly, and flexible. However, if you have not maintained the website before, it is not as easy to use as some other open-source e-commerce software tools described in this article.


10. WooCommerce: open-source e-commerce software

WooCommerce supports 37% of all online stores and claims to be "the most popular e-commerce platform on the Internet ." Downloads have exceeded 16 million, making it easy to customize. If you already have a WordPress-based website or blog, WooCommerce is an outstanding choice. If you start from the very beginning, your website will contain links to partners. These partners can host your WordPress and WooCommerce websites and charge a reasonable small fee each month.


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