Top 10 Python frameworks for Web developers (1)

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Top 10 Python frameworks for Web developers (1)


Python is an object-oriented, interpreted computer programming language. In addition to the design purpose of the language itself, the Python standard library is also worthy of everyone's praise, and Python also comes with a server. In other aspects, Python has enough free data function libraries, free Web Page Template systems, and libraries for interacting with Web servers. In this article, the editor will introduce the ten Web application frameworks based on Python to Web developers.

1. Flask

Flask is a lightweight Web application framework written in Python. Its WSGI toolbox uses Werkzeug, And the template engine uses Jinja2. Flask uses BSD authorization.


2. CherryPy

CherryPy is a Python-based Web application development framework that greatly simplifies the work of web developers who use Python. It provides a friendly HTTP interface for Python developers. CherryPy itself has an HTTP server or Web server. In this way, CherryPy users can directly run the CherryPy application without setting up a Web server.

3. Pyramid

Pyramid is a lightweight open-source Python Web framework and is part of the Pylons project. Pyramid can only run on Versions later than Python 2.x or 2.4. When using backend databases, you do not need to declare them. during development, some specific template systems are not forced to be used.

4. Web. py

Web. py is a lightweight open-source Python Web framework. It is small, flexible, simple, and powerful, and has no restrictions in use.

5. Grok

Grok is a Web application development framework provided for Python developers. Grok focuses on Agile development and is an easy-to-use and powerful development framework based on Zope 3 technology.

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