Top 10 tips for protecting privacy on the Internet

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The Internet is a two-blade sword. On the one hand, it brings convenience to daily life, and on the other hand, it opens more channels for hackers to intrude into computer systems. How Should users guard against such attacks? See the following Top 10 tips to protect your privacy:

1. Browse anonymously because many websites use cookies to track Internet activities of netizens and determine their preferences. You can disable the computer's cookie receiving option when using your browser to avoid being tracked by cookies.

2. Read the privacy protection policies of your website before making any online transactions or sending emails, because some websites sell your personal data to third parties.

3. Install a personal firewall to prevent theft of personal data and financial data. Timely upgrade is an important part. Otherwise, the role of the firewall will not be fully utilized and the possibility of being attacked will remain high. In addition, you can also use security software to keep important information confidential, reducing the possibility of accidentally sending such information to insecure websites.

4. Use security software or firewall to prevent hacker attacks and spyware (a software that connects external servers and delivers personal data to the network ). These software can protect personal computers and data from hacker theft, and prevent spyware from automatically connecting to the website and sending your data.

5. Make sure that a secure connection is used for online shopping. You can check the lock icon on the top of the browser to determine whether the connection is secure.

6. Hackers sometimes pretend to be representatives of Internet service providers and ask about your passwords and personal information. Remember not to disclose the information to anyone when surfing the Internet.

7. Change your password frequently and use a seven-digit password containing letters and numbers to disturb hackers from using the software.ProgramTo search for the most common passwords.

8. disable these functions when file and print sharing are not required. Although file and print sharing functions are very useful, they may expose your computer to hackers looking for security vulnerabilities. Hackers can steal private information once they enter their personal computers.

9. Do not open email attachments from strangers. These attachments may contain a trojan program that allows hackers to drive into computer documents and even control peripherals. Some hackers can even sneak into the Internet Camera (web camera) for monitoring. In addition, you should install an anti-virus software to protect your computer from viruses, Trojan horses, and worms.

10. network security companies can be used for real-time checks. For example, you can use the security check feature on the Symantec website to determine whether your computer is protected against computer viruses and malware.CodeCapabilities. This feature also scans computers, finds security vulnerabilities and viruses, and compares scan results with other systems that have been scanned. So far, more than 3 million of users have browsed this website and are recommended for use.

In short, as network security becomes more and more important today, every netizen should not be lucky to be "Hacked". Only by doing a good job of Defense can they do.

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