Top data recovery skills: how to restore garbled files?

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Top data recovery skills: how to restore garbled files?

What should I do if the data recovery file is garbled? Top data recovery software restores data based on different types of deleted files. It extracts all files suspected to be deleted from the disk and forms different types of files, this method can be used to select, extract, and recover lost data.

In this case, why are there garbled characters after the file is restored? Here we need to first understand what file garbled characters are, generally because the file itself is damaged, or the associated file has problems. If the user performs other operations after the file is deleted, other data is written to the disk where the file is deleted, or some other programs write new data to the disk during running, this will cause the retrieved file data to be overwritten by other written data, leading to garbled characters, damages, and even loose issues in the recovered file. This is not a problem with the data recovery software. The data recovery software is responsible for scanning all your lost data, but all new data written will overwrite the old data to be retrieved, therefore, the data recovery software cannot interpret that part of the data and may cause file garbled characters.

Therefore, in case of file loss caused by accidental deletion or other formatting problems, we recommend that you:

1. after the data is accidentally deleted, immediately stop all operations on the disk, whether it is any USB flash drive, SD card, mobile hard disk and other storage devices, data loss problems, should immediately stop all operations, find a professional data recovery software for data recovery. Do not download data recovery software at will. You must find software developed by a trusted data team to avoid serious data loss.

2. in the case of accidental deletion of data, the more data is written to the disk with data loss, the lower the probability of data recovery success. Therefore, we should avoid writing new data as much as possible, at the same time, you need to find a reliable data recovery software with powerful scanning capabilities, which can help you better restore data.

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