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In the Linux camp, Ubuntu Linux is one of the top performers. In Ubuntu Linux, applications installed by default mainly include the desktop environment GNOME, graphics program GIMP, instant messaging tool Pidgin, office suite, Media Player Totem, music player Rhythmbox, and Web browser Firefox.. Third-party software is often required for video editing, BT download, 3D graphics design, and other tasks.

To meet the needs of many Linux enthusiasts, we have compiled several articles to collect excellent Application Software Based on Linux operating systems. First, let's get to know some free video editing tools for Ubuntu Linux.

1. AvideMUX

AvideMUX is the most widely used video editing program based on Ubuntu Linux. It helps users easily complete cutting, filtering, coding, and other tasks. AvideMUX supports mainstream video formats through various codecs, including AVI, MP4, ASF, and MPEG file formats compatible with DVDs.

AvideMUX is the most widely used video editing program in Linux.

With the support of projects, queue tasks, and powerful script functions, AvideMUX's above features fully implement automated operations.

Avidemux complies with the gnu gpl license and is applicable to Linux, BSD, Mac OS X, Windows, and other platforms.

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