Top ten reasons to use Visual Studio for Android development

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[Address of original publication] Top Ten reasons to the use of Visual Studio for C + + Android development!

Visual studio:c++ Mobile Solutions for cross-platform

Visual Studio () is rapidly becoming a cross-platform c++ide. Our goal is to make Visual Studio your choice for developing C + + cross-platform code, whether your target is Windows (UWP), Android, IOS, Linux, Xbox, PlayStation, Marmalade or more. Over the past year or so, we have launched support for Android, IOS (preview), improved integration with popular cross-platform game engine marmalade, and introduced a new build tool that improves code portability between windows and non-Windows platforms ( CLANG/C2). If you want to talk specifically about the Android platform, which is what this article really wants to say, use C + + for the most common compute-intensive applications, such as game and physics simulations. Today, however, many applications are using the cross-platform nature of C + + to write some or all of their applications.

There are many examples of this phenomenon, which is especially common in more complex software development companies. Specific platforms, cross-platform, new popular applications such as Facebook Moments, Dropbox, Office, Skype, popular games (for example: Fruit Ninja, Tribal Wars, EA Sports Titles) are all written in cross-platform C + +. To speak in numbers, if you look at the top 50 Android apps, a chunk (about 75%) of them is in C + +. In today's cross-platform world, if you want to optimize fast iterations, application performance, and the look and feel of the native. Most of these top-tier development companies will choose to use C + + to write their UI and shared code on specific platform code after the tradeoff.

To this end, the Android experience of native Visual Studio was released early last 2015, and we received a warm welcome and feedback from our customers. To provide you with some highlights, our customers include Halfbrick Studios (popular game manufacturers such as: Fruit Ninja, Jet Pack joyride), Electronic Arts, Synergex, Autodesk and almost all Microsoft internal products , such as Office, Bing, Minecraft, Hyperlapse or even more.

Popular Games Fruit Ninja is developing with visual Studio Android

So here are ten reasons (in no particular order) to explain why Visual Studio is the right choice for your c++android application development:

1. Easy access to all Android platform requirements

2. Quickly start your Android development with C + + cross-platform templates and examples

3. A C + + integrated development environment that supports all mobile platforms (IOS, Android, Windows and more)

4. Leveraging powerful cross-platform coding tools

5. Easily share your cross-platform C + + code

6. Fastest C + + build IncrediBuild support

7. Provide the fastest and most powerful debugging experience for your Android app

8. Best quality and free Android simulator

9. Easily collect customer comments on your application using Hockeyapp

Visual Studio is a cross-platform mobile solution (Xamarin,Apache Cordova) and not limited to cross-platform C + +

Now that you have a rough idea, let's take a look at the details below.

Use Ten reasons for Visual studio to develop c++android systems

#1. easy access to all Android platform needs

Visual Studio provides one-stop service for all of your c++android development needs. These include the Android Development Kit (SDK, NDK), Apache Ant, Oracle Java JDK, Microsoft Android emulator, and the templates and examples we provide to get you started quickly. In addition, the real-time update mechanism with Visual Studio allows us to dynamically update your Android development environment, similar to the updates provided by Google or the introduction of new features that can improve the development experience.

#2. quickly start your Android development with C + + cross-platform templates and examples

Visual Studio gives you a good start with a variety of ready-made examples and templates. The template provided today demonstrates how to create an Android Native activity application, an Android Java Native Interface (JNC) application, a C + + Shared code can also build Android apps for iOS and Windows apps and more.

Today's Visual Studio Android sample provides the porting of the NDK sample to creation and operation in Visual Studio. In the future, we plan to introduce additional templates and examples for popular C + + cross-platform technologies and game engines.

#3. One that supports all mobile platforms C + + integrated development environment

In addition to Android,visual studio, it provides support for writing Windows applications and iOS applications. In Visual Studio, developers can use the same solution to build applications for all of these platforms, leveraging the experience of writing and debugging the same world-class code.

#4. leverage a powerful cross-platform coding tool

Visual Studio provides Android developers with a rich coding experience, whether they are writing Java or C + + code. Yes! Visual STUDIO2015 recently introduced support for Java, primarily for Android developers who have a lot of C + + code and Java code but have to use other editors to implement this part of the code.

The Java language service experience is also in the preview phase, which provides a basic code navigation and IntelliSense experience, a short video outlining what these experiences are. The C + + coding experience is complete and provides services for code navigation, IntelliSense, and even more advanced refactoring capabilities. In summary, Visual Studio provides a one-stop service for a complete Android coding experience.

#5. Share your cross-platform with ease C + + code

Visual Studio is a platform that also allows the development of Ios,linux,windows, Xbox, PlayStation and more applications in addition to Android development. If you are developing a cross-platform application that uses a lot of C + + code and are frustrated by the variety of integration environments, toolchain, debugging tools, and build systems, Visual Studio is worth a try. With Visual Studio you can easily share and reuse your existing C + + resources through our project sharing components and the ability to target multiple platforms.

To learn more, see the "popular mobile game Fruit Ninja and rocket flyer manufacturer half brick the experience of using Visual Studio for cross-platform mobile phone development"

#6. World-Class Android native App debug Experience

We started to develop an Android development experience, primarily to support Microsoft internal teams such as office,bing, Skype, Minecraft and others, until the Android development experience for C + + applications reached perfection. The work on these large-scale applications provides us with the opportunity to fine-tune scalability, correctness, and debug speed. In order to implement it as much as possible, we optimized GDB's backend debugging capabilities several times. In addition, the debugging experience of Android in Visual Studio is not limited to C + + and supports Java debugging. (This is a short video about the newly enabled Java debugging Experience)

Today's debugging experience on Visual Studio also supports debugging pre-built Android applications through other integrated development environments, other basic debugging features (breakpoints, stepping, monitoring, tracking points, conditional breakpoints) and advanced features such as debugger visualization (Natvis support) and attaching to a running Android application.

#7. the fastest c/c++android Application Building

Microsoft Visual Studio and Xoreax IncrediBuild work together to develop a parallel build plan, perform dynamic resource management, and provide many diagnostic tools to understand and troubleshoot bottlenecks (which, of course, are free), Provides you with the fastest experience of building applications on your local machine. In addition to this, developers can also set up additional accelerator agents to implement MULTI-X builds on distributed networks by using IncrediBuild to pay SKUs. The following is an example of building a popular open source Ace benchmark (enable IncrediBuild).

Native Visual Studio supports Ant, Gradle, and CMake. The support for Gradle was introduced in our recent update.

#8. Deploy, test and debug Android apps with fast, free and best-of-breed Android emulators

Visual Studio Android's Android development experience, loaded with Microsoft's own simulator for a quick implementation of edit-create-debug cycles. Microsoft Visual Studio Android Simulator is fast, x86, Hyper-V-based, and offers support for a range of analog sensors including accelerators, automatic screen rotation, SD card, battery, multi-touch, GPS, camera, audio and more.

#9. Use HockeyApp easily collect customer comments on your application

Distribute your applications over the network to testers, allowing them to receive available updates. Get early feedback and customer-guided feature improvements. Use Hockeyapp to get information from program crashes to continually improve the quality of your application.

#10. Visual Studio is a cross-platform mobile solution (Xamarin, Apache Cordova) and is not limited to cross-platform C + +

While C + + works well for your current applications, you may still consider other popular cross-platform mobile technologies to make your other products. Don't worry, Visual Studio cross-platform support is not limited to C + + support, but also extends support for other popular cross-platform mobile development technologies, such as: Xamarin in Visual Studio allows many local applications to use C # for development, Hybrid applications that contain JavaScript use Apache Cordova to create 2d,3d games using unity.

So why choose another one What about Android C + + solutions?

So download Visual Studio now and start experimenting with our c++android experience. As part of the Visual Studio development team, we believe that this is the best solution for Android C + + applications, and you also want to know why you choose any other solution. So please contact us or leave your comments and let us know where we need to improve! To learn more about Visual C + +, please contact us on vcblog. The experience of two studies

Top ten reasons to use Visual Studio for Android development

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