Topic: Seek VC ++ technical insider (Fourth Edition) notes and Sun Xin VC ++ lecture notes volunteers

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Topic: Seek VC ++ technical insider (Fourth Edition) notes and Sun Xin VC ++ lecture notes volunteers

Many netizens asked me via email, why can't I continue my notes? Every time I see such an email, I feel ashamed:

VC ++ technical insider (Fourth Edition) notes and Sun Xin VC ++ lecture notes are systematically written by VC at the end of last year. Although I have played videos and books almost all over again, however, unfortunately, the notes failed to keep up, mainly due to the time and energy constraints at that time. I remember that at that time, every time I made a note (especially sun Xin VC ++ lectures), I had to spend a lot of time doing it seriously or tracking the originalCodeOn average, it takes me 3 to 5 hours to take a note (about 2 to 2 and a half hours for a video ). I remember that at that time, I started to take notes at around 10 o'clock, and I had to take a complete note until two or three o'clock in the evening. the fatigue I learned during that time is still fresh in my memory, but no matter how tired I am, I do my best to take notes. if you want to publish your notes to the Internet for reading, either you do not need them or you absolutely guarantee the quality.

I have read the VC notes named Raytheon, but the notes are vivid and easy to understand. Unfortunately, they have not finished the notes. I feel sorry for not keeping up with the notes last year.

You may feel that the quality of the following chapters of the VC ++ technology insider (version 4) Notes is worse than that of another chapter, the main reason for this is that the difficulty in the subsequent chapters increases my personal learning ability, and my energy is insufficient. You must forgive me. another use of my notes is archiving. You don't have to forget your knowledge. It is convenient to use archive for future reference.

Some netizens asked me how to learn VC. It was not long before I came into contact with VC. I would like to ask white questions. if you are in touch with VC, I believe you will feel the same way as me, that is, VC is difficult to learn. Maybe you have been learning for a long time and are still dizzy. here I suggest you take a look at Sun Xin's VC ++ video lecture. I personally think this is a very good entry material.

VC is relatively difficult to learn, but it is also difficult to get started, and it is based on your own practice. If you see this articleArticleYou are also learning VC, so please stick to VC.

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The answer is as follows:

Topic: Look for VC ++ technical insider (Fourth Edition) notes and Sun Xin VC ++ lecture notes volunteers

Objective: to combine the efforts of netizens to prepare complete VC notes. (I think this is very necessary, because not everyone has time and energy to chew on the thick book, and does not have time to track the cumbersome MFC source code. we will contribute to those who will save some learning time)

Condition: Any VC learner (I think the quality must be good if I spend some time organizing it)

Method: you can post your notes on your blog, and post a message to post a connection (connection message format: Book + chapter ), in this way, you can access your notes based on your connection.

Format: unlimited.

My notes: several times I have no intention of seeing some netizens repost my notes. Because my notes are not signed, some netizens are not clear about the original author of the notes, I want to modify or add content based on my notes, but I am afraid of infringing any copyright or something. here I solemnly declare that:All my notes include other articles that are not signed and cannot be modified. Any user can modify or add content based on my notes, including the modified or added notes, users can post an original article without specifying the source or original author.


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