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This note was summed up when I read the book.

Tornado is ideal for creating a scalable community program, a real-time analytics engine, and a restful API. Developed by Bret Taylor and others for FriendFeed, after being acquired by Facebook.

Most community programs update in real time to show new messages, status changes, and user prompts, requiring the client to remain connected to wait for the server to respond. Servers that use threading mode, such as Apache and its comet implementations, can easily be unable to accept new requests because they reach the maximum thread pool value.

Tornado uses asynchronous methods to address the limitations of a line server, as compared to the way the buffer pool is managed using thread mode. Servers that use asynchronous mode include node. js, lighttpd, and Tornado use a cooperative multitasking approach to scale out to address the increasing load.

An asynchronous server pauses the current execution while the current request waits for data, and explicitly transfers control to other requests that are in the waiting state, and the callback is used when data is ready and results are returned.


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Tornado Study Notes 3 Tornado started

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