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If you want to buy a low-cost notebook, many people would prefer Google's Chromebook rather than Windows. Typically, between 2000 and 2500 dollars, Windows 8.1 tablets can be purchased, but the size is small and the keyboard is not integrated, and Chromebook is the closest to the traditional notebook, which is why it is becoming more and more popular.

In addition to its WT8 series Low-cost Windows tablet, Toshiba has joined the Chromebook camp recently. The model cb30-a3120 Toshiba Chromebook uses a rare 13.3-inch screen with a large keyboard, priced at $299 (about 1840 Yuan).

Design and function

Basically, a price of 2000 yuan below the notebook computer, can be in the appearance of the texture of Toshiba Chromebook level, has been difficult. Silver overall tone with the black keyboard, looks like some Apple products, of course, Toshiba Chromebook material for Engineering Plastics, but the overall texture or the value of the material.

Toshiba Chromebook Keyboard key size reasonable, feel comfortable, typing feel more comfortable, another large area of the touchpad can also achieve a variety of gestures, very smooth. However, because of the price relationship, this 13.3-inch screen resolution is only 1366*768 pixel, not IPS panel but matte material, although it can prevent reflective phenomenon, but the color performance and visual angle is slightly inferior. In addition, this screen does not support touch, so it is less flexible than Acer C720.

Functionally, because the Chrome OS is browser-based, most applications rely on network and web applications, so when you go out and travel, you need to use the offline access features of some applications as much as possible. Of course, even so, there are some limitations on the use aspect compared to Windows products. Of course, in the Internet environment, it is very convenient to use Chromebook to surf the web, send and receive mails, and use the cloud storage service.

Configuration, performance, and battery life

As the fuselage space is more abundant, Toshiba Chromebook has built up a better interface, including two USB 3.0, HDMI interface. In the core configuration, the Intel Celeron 2955u processor 1.4GHz, 2GB RAM and 16GB solid-state drives are used to support the 802.11 b/g/n wireless network and Bluetooth 4.0.

Performance, this Chromebook can achieve a smoother system operation and web browsing, but also can run some basic 3D games, in general, or consistent with its positioning. and battery life, in connection with WiFi viewing online video, Toshiba Chromebook can achieve about 6 hours 36 minutes of continuous video playback time, is the longest in all Chromebook, impressive.

Comparison and summary of competing goods

Toshiba Chromebook with Acer, HP and other similar models of parameter comparison

Obviously, at the price, configuration close to the case, Toshiba Chromebook's biggest advantage is the large screen display, the large size of the keyboard to bring comfortable feel, while the battery life is also more long-lasting, compared to Acer c720p, the disadvantage is that there is no touch screen, can not use touch operation of the "Angry Birds" and other games. But in the Internet, writing and other applications, Toshiba Chromebook can still play a good role.

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