Touch screen mobile phone operation of "dead End" and "control size"

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Part 1 Research Background

Background and challenge of interface design of 1.1 touch screen mobile phone

Challenge 1: Short development time, research at home and abroad are still in the exploratory stage, full of unknown and uncertain.

Touch screen technology was first applied to the mobile phone to date back to 1999 (Motorola A6188), although it has been 12 years, but the real finger-operated touch screen interface design revolutionized the January 9, 07 release of the Iphone1 Generation and his multi-touch technology. Today, but 4 years, the development of the Apple design team as a pioneer at home and abroad, including touch gestures, touch screen interface specifications, touch usability research and so on, are still in the exploratory phase, which means that there are a lot of existing things are based on speculation and try to build on, Their maturity is also to be tested for time. These include foreign journals and books, and even the information and design principles on the web of Apple's app development official.

Challenge 2: From the mouse keyboard to the finger, the problem of accuracy rate, hot zone and dead angle.

There is a qualitative change in the research of touch-screen mobile phone interaction and PC interaction. Input devices from the mouse keyboard into a finger, on the one hand, the operational accuracy of the challenge, in the intensive information processing, users often appear many misoperation; On the other hand, the finger operation of the special "Dead End and Hot zone" problem is also the PC interface design will not face.

Challenge 3: The influence of Eastern and Western physiological indicators and cultural differences on existing design principles.

Even those theories that have proved to be reasonable and workable can overcome the effects of physical and cultural differences between the east and the west after flying across the sea to China? You know, the same size of mobile phones for the Chinese hand and the stability of the hands of foreigners may also be different. Therefore, how to put the mature Western knowledge copycat, carry on the adjustment which conforms to the physiology characteristic and the national culture, is the third challenge which we must face.

Challenge 4: General Wap/app design principles for the applicability of Taobao (App/wap).

Mobile phone E-commerce is a special field, we face a huge amount of decision-making information and limited screen space between the contradictions, this is a common WAP Web site or app applications rarely face the grim situation. How to translate other products ' touch-screen research results into more suitable application in the field of electronic commerce is the problem we should solve further.

1.2 Touch screen mobile phone interface design some predecessors ' experience

"Tapworthy-designing great iphone Apps" Josh Clark 2010-6-25 (Chinese version: "The touch-well-designed iphone app" Bao Tijien) mentions two principles of the iphone interface design--rule Thumb and the Magic number is 44 (see figure below). That is, the right hand touch screen operation of the hot zone and dead angle (pictured below), and touch control design reasonable size of at least 44pix.

For this research, it is not difficult to find two questions

Question 1: How does this hot zone map and so-called standard size come from, not in a detailed narrative, based on "research results" or the designer's own "empiricism" we don't know. According to the descriptions in the book and the author's professional background, these are probably the authors ' own analysis and experience after collecting a large number of iphone interface cases.

Question 2: Many designers can easily make a mistake after reading the 44pix figure--The actual physical size of 44pix for different resolution screens varies greatly. Under the Iphone3, 44pix is about equal to 7mm, but less than 6mm under iphone4. The background of the discussion in the book is Iphone3, so the designers need the corresponding conversion according to the physical size.

1.3 Touch screen mobile phone interface design some predecessors ' research

Josh Clark may be an experienced man, so let's revisit this 44pix. In fact, the iphone team has no basis for limiting the minimum size of the touch control's interface to 44pix (7mm). As early as in ergonomics research, predecessors have concluded that the use of index finger operation, the scope of the strike in the 7mm is more appropriate, and with the thumb operation, the appropriate range of strike should be around 9mm. To provide designers with more accurate engineering indicators, the key to the operation of precision experimental design is essential.

Part 2 research purposes

Does the Chinese user's single hand thumb operation hot zone really this distribution?

How big is the difference between hot zone and dead angle?

That use hands, index finger operation there is no hot zone and dead angle difference?

Hot zone and dead End if there is a difference, 7mm this design principle in any area of the screen applicable?

What is the difference between the single hand thumb operation and the hand forefinger operation for the control size design requirements?

Part 3 theoretical basis of research

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