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Tp-link Router Administrator Login Password modification method:

Many previous Tp-link routers default Administrator account and password by default are admin, once the computer encounter virus or be controlled, hackers can easily use the router's default account login router settings, thereby tampering with the router DNS or other settings, and so on, in order to protect the router security, If you have not changed the default router administrator password for friends, the proposed changes as soon as possible, the following is the specific method of modification.

1, first in the browser, open the Tp-link router default login URL:, and then use the Administrator account and password, login router settings management interface, as shown in the following figure.

2, landing tp-link Router Management settings interface, click on the left menu "System Tools"-and then click "Modify Login Password", and then the right to open the landing screen, fill in the "Original password" and fill out the "New password" 2 times, finished click on the bottom of the "save", as shown in the following figure.

After saving, the router's administrator or login password to modify the success of the password to be changed to their very familiar, because later open Landing router, you need to use this new password login.

Tp-link Router modifies wifi password

In some cases, the Tp-link router wireless password (WiFi) that was previously set up is cracked, causing the router WiFi network to be compromised, and the router WiFi wireless password needs to be modified. So the Tp-link router modifies the WiFi password? The following are the specific steps.

1, the same open, and then use the Administrator account password login router management settings interface;

2, landing tp-link Router Management settings interface, click on the left menu "Wireless Settings"-"Wireless security Settings", and then on the right side of the Modify interface, the PSK password (that is, the WiFi password) to the new WiFi password you need can be, as shown in the following figure.

3, after the change, don't forget to click on the bottom of the "save", as shown in the following figure.

After you modify the WiFi wireless network password, you need to restart the Tp-link router before it takes effect, the router reboot is in the System tool, you can find it, after you modify the WiFi password, restart the router to complete the WiFi wireless network password changes.

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