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When forgot the road has the password time, I want to retrieve is more difficult, cracked the software, actually does not necessarily be able to help, if your password setting is very complex words, moreover, uses the crack software brute force to crack is very need time, this method does not suggest the use.

Here is a very effective way to restore the Router factory settings, the password of course, is to revert to the default password. This operation is very simple, and very convenient, not time-consuming.

  Here take the Tp-link router for example.

Tp-link Broadband Router tl-r402m,tl-r410,tl-r460, tl-r480t, and wireless router tl-wr340g,tl-wr541g,tl-wr641g, such as the restoration of factory settings are:

1, in the router's front/back panel has a small hole, next to the word: Reset;

2, turn off the power of the router, looking like the tip of the nib-type hold the Reset key;

3, to the router to add electricity, waiting for about 3-10 seconds, to M1 and M2 lights flashing three times after the can let go (wireless router for the system lights flashing three times), reset success;

4, attention to reset after the router will be restored to the factory settings, the default login IP is; The default username and password is admin/admin, please note that your computer's IP address is not in 192.168.1.X (1< x<255)!

In this way, although you cannot "retrieve" your password, you can "reset" your password.

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