Tp-link Wireless Router How to set up?

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Believe that many friends have a wireless router, and Tp-link is a number of no lines by the most widely used, now small series for everyone to introduce the next Tp-link wireless router How to set up, hope can help everyone!

Step one: Set up the router

Remember the two parameters that were set before, one for your wireless name (SSID) and one for your wireless password.

Step two: Set up a wireless computer/cell phone/pad

① to use a computer wireless to connect to the router, first of all to ensure that your computer with a wireless network card and work properly, for different operating systems of computers, its search and connect the wireless signal method is as follows: XP system:

Win7/vista System:

② an Android phone to connect a router's wireless signal.

Click on the Phone's menu button and select System settings. Select WLAN in the Settings menu, turn on the WLAN switch, and select your wireless router name:

Click on the wireless name to connect, enter the wireless password can connect successfully. If the wireless connection is successful but not on the network, you can refer to Figure 2, figure 3 below to specify the IP address of the mobile phone.

③ Apple ipad and iphone connect wireless signals as follows.

Open the ipad main interface, select the "Settings" menu and then click Wi-Fi to enter the Wi-Fi interface. Then turn on the Wi-Fi switch and click on your own router's wireless signal in the wireless network list.

Enter your previously set wireless password and click Join. When the corresponding SSID in the wireless signal list shows "√", you can use the ipad to surf the Internet.

If you need to manually specify network parameters such as the IP address of the ipad, click the ">" button after the wireless SSID number in the wireless network list, and then click "Static" to manually set the ipad's network parameters.

If you are setting up wireless "search for wireless Signal" or "search to signal but not connected", please record the error message you see, and then Baidu search for the corresponding solution, you can also refer to: Search for wireless signal how to do? What about the signal but not the connection?

Step three: Try the wireless to the Internet?

Follow step two to connect your computer wirelessly to the router, and you'll be able to surf the Internet. If your computer has a "security prompt" message for the following page when you open the Web page, indicating that your wireless is not encrypted or that you have not chosen a secure encryption method, set wireless security as prompted by the page.

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