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method of setting up L2TP VPN tp842+ router

A company needs to provide VPN access to staff on business trip to ensure that the staff can access the intranet server resources through VPN tunnel safely. Analysis of user requirements, you can use the L2TP VPN capabilities to meet this requirement. The following is a table of server reference settings:

Note: Set the encrypted L2TP tunnel, you need to configure all the proposed parties to ensure that all types of terminals are connected to the VPN, the table network parameters for reference only.

First step, add L2TP VPN address pool

Log in to the router management interface and add the L2TP address pool to the object management >> IP address pool as shown in the following illustration:

Step two, set IKE security entries

1. Add IKE Security proposal

Add a corresponding security proposal in the VPN >> ike>> IKE security proposal as shown in the following illustration:

After all four IKE policies have been added successfully, you can see the IKE security proposal list as follows:

2. Add IKE Security Policy

To add a corresponding security policy to the VPN >> IKE >> IKE security policy, you need to follow the following figure to select application Mode, ID type, security proposal, DPD detection, and other parameters, such as preshared key.

Set the following figure:

Click Add when Setup is complete.

Step three, set up IPSec security entries

1. Add IPSec security proposal

Add a corresponding security proposal in the VPN >> IPSec >> IPSec security proposal, as shown in the following figure:

After all the proposals have been added successfully, the following figure:

2. Add IPSec Security Policy

Add the corresponding security policy in the VPN >> IPSec >> IPSec security Policy, as shown in the following illustration:

Note: The End-to-end gateway is, and PFS (NONE) must be turned off.

3. Turn on IPSec features

Enable IPSec functionality in VPN >> IPSec, as shown in the following illustration:

Step fourth, set up L2TP VPN rules

Add the L2TP account in VPN >> L2TP, as set below:

Number of sessions: This account allows the maximum number of users to access.

Step Fifth, add NAPT rules

In transport control >> NAT settings >> napt, add the napt rule of the L2TP address pool to ensure that the client can surf the internet after dialing. The following figure:

Step sixth, client connection L2TP VPN

Different L2TP clients are configured differently, please select your client operating system, and after successful client dialing, you can display client information in L2TP server tunnel information.

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