[Tplink Wireless Extender] what should I do if the network speed slows down after signal expansion?

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After the extended wireless router signal is amplified, the extended connection signals such as mobile phones and computers are connected to the internet. If the test speed is slower than that before the expansion, refer to the following steps for troubleshooting.
The purpose of using the extender is to zoom in the signal, so the green indicator of the extender is the most ideal.
When the extender is too close or too far from the master router, the indicator light is orange. In this case, the connection speed to the extended router is slower than that to connect to the primary router. You need to adjust the location of the extended router to make sure the distance is moderate and then test the network speed.
From the indicator light color of the extended device, you can determine whether the position of the extended device is appropriate, as shown in the following figure:
Note:You can see the prompt on the extended management interface that is too close or too far.
The bandwidth control function is configured on the master router, which affects the network speed test of the terminal device. Disable the bandwidth control function of the primary router during speed measurement.
If wireless mouse, wireless keyboard, cordless phone, and other devices exist in the environment, these devices and extenders work in the same frequency band and interfere with each other, affecting the speed of wireless Internet access, you can try to disable this type of device for testing.
If there are many wireless signals in the surrounding environment, adjust the wireless channels of the primary router to 1, 6, and 11. After the expansion of the extended extender is completed, speed measurement is performed.
The maximum wireless speed supported by wireless NICs varies with wireless terminals. Generally, the maximum speed supported by wireless network cards of mobile terminals such as mobile phones is low, as shown in the figure below:
When testing the wireless speed, we recommend that you use the same computer or mobile phone to test the internet speed when enabling or disabling the extended device.

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