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TR-069 is standard from Dslforum to remotely manage networking. OMA-DM is standard from "Open Mobile Alliance" to manage smart phones remotely. Though the target market segment is different, I don ' t to have any major difference between both of them as far as their Ionality is concerned. I believe that both the standards are suitable for both kinds of market.

Similarities:remote configuration and monitoring of devices TR-069 is meant for managing networking. OMA-DM is meant for managing Mobile devices. Firmware upgrade. HTTP based ACCESS-OMA-DM support other transports too. SSL for security. Both use XML for exchanging messages. Both support configuration parameters in hierarchical fashion (tree form). Both expect devices to make connection to the "the" to "the" "Configuration server. Both Support mutual authentication. Both have mechanism for the configuration server to notify devices of events.
OMA-DM uses Wap-push and SMS. TR-069 connects to device embedded HTTP Server.

I don ' t many differences though. I'll post new entry once I find more information.

Both of standards have become very popular in their market segments and IMO Both would be surviving for a long time.

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