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For work reasons, I often need to deal with students and find that they are all very interesting. Here, I would like to choose one or two.

1. Once, I assigned them jobs and asked them to use Java for advertising. As a result, one of the Students shouted: Java, hello, me! I was scolded by other students.


2. Once I waited for the elevator with my colleague under the company 10 meters A shout came out: Master Xu, Master Xu. I think it's just like a car repair when I'm depressed. My colleague is already smiling. Said: How are all of your classmates like Wukong!


3. I used to go to the bathroom in a dilapidated place. The light was dark in that place. I just got up and suddenly got a shadow next to me. I said, "What happened to the servlet one jump and two jumps !?, I feel cold sweat. Mom, this kid. Is this where I am going to ask questions!


4. At the beginning, I took a class and gave tutoring to an out-of-class graduate student. After completing the technical work, I chatted with him. He asked:

How old are you, teacher?

"How old are you ".

He asked again, teacher, do you have a girlfriend?

"Yes, she often comes to see me !"

"Oh," he was very excited. "People say that there must be a more successful woman behind a successful man. You are young and promising. Will your girlfriend cook ?!"

When it reached my pain point, I stopped to get angry.

"Why, teacher ?"

"She just burned it in plain boiled water ." I told him.

"It doesn't matter." He comforted me ." My girlfriend is also, she will make noodles, and also said that her noodles are five-star, forcing me to eat two bowls each time ."



5. There will be experience classes on Saturday and Sunday to borrow our classrooms. Now, everyone is worried. What should we do if there are so many project materials on the machine, and the development environment is damaged by others? So we started to find a solution. Finally, we decided to write a piece of paper and paste it on the machine. So some may write: "Big Brother, please don't touch anything on my machine. There is something to discuss .", I gave it a rejection as soon as I saw it. "I don't want to touch anything after reading what you wrote ." Another note: "boys, which one dares to touch Grandpa's stuff? Be careful when I pinch you .", I can't see it either ." Aren't you provocative? You are arrogant? "At last I saw a student write, and I almost carried it back with a smile ." Who will touch my machine? I'll share it with him! ".


6. Once I click a student to answer a question, let him see the difference between an HTML file and a JSP file? He focused on the whole day. It seems that the JSP file has an additional title )! As a result, the whole class was knocked down by him. I have seen poor English, but I have never seen such a poor English.


7. I learned from their project team lead: The team leader. What are the mistakes reported in the 500 report ?. The team lead looked at it and replied with disdain. You don't even know about it ?! "But there are two hundred and five !", He put the team lead down in one sentence.



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