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Wang Yin's past and present situation

I used to see three articles by Wang Yin in the winter of 2006: work in Linux, people who support and oppose work in Linux, and applications for dropping out of Tsinghua University from Tsinghua dream, I read it again by coincidence today, so I decided to summarize my information about Wang Yin.

1. Drop out of Tsinghua

Wang Yin entered the 97-level computer department of Sichuan University due to College Entrance Examination malfunction (based on this, he is estimated to be 79 and 80 yuan). In 2001, he was directly sent to the computer department Software Institute of Tsinghua University for further study, this module mainly researches integrated circuit cabling algorithms.

Around August 2004 [1], Wang has completed "work on Linux completely" and "people who support and oppose <work on Linux completely>. He has overcome the disadvantages of windows and promoted Linux, however, I later admitted that it was a "indignation", and "I felt extreme" [2]. The article caused a great boom in China's computer and Linux camps, become an icon of shuimu Tsinghua liunxapp edition and multiple Linux communities in China.

In 2005, Wang was the first author of the paper to participate in IEEE/ACM Asia andsouth acific Design Automation Conference (ASP-DAC 2005) International Academic Conference to obtain the best Paper Award [3]. However, in September 22, Wang Yin, who graduated from a doctor for one year, published "The crushing of Tsinghua dream-Application for dropping out of Tsinghua University" on the shuimu community blog, explicitly requesting dropping out of school [4].

The family's response to this drop-out behavior is that "the practice is inappropriate", but it can only be "Respectful and understandable". Of course, it will also be very protective [5]:

Wang Wenrong said that Wang Yin sent his withdrawal application to the Internet. His son stepped out of this step and had some adventures in his future. However, this was his choice. His parents worried but could only show respect and understanding.

It is understood that Wang has not submitted a drop-out application to the school and is still living in Beijing. Wang Wenrong and his wife said that in the past two days, their phone number was about to be cracked. They hope that people from all walks of life will treat Wang Yin as well as their brothers and sisters, and do not speculate that Wang Yin will drop out of school.

2. Withdraw from Cornell and Iub

In August 2006, after dropping out of Tsinghua, Wang yunkao GRE went abroad to the computer department at Cornell University [6]. However, Wang still complained about his experience at Cornell [7]. In 2008, he dropped out of Cornell [8] and went to the University of Indiana at bomington (Iub [9]) to continue his doctorate degree and teach [10]. Wang Yin's main research direction and interest are programming languages, but he should have not published a public paper. However, in 2012, he thought his "PHD career" had helped him find something more important than his doctorate degree [11], drop out again and write an article "say goodbye to a doctorate" to explain his thoughts.

He cited some different comments for dropping out of school:

(For Wang Yin's experience in Cornell) "The ideal scientific research of this person is the scientific research of the nobles in the 19th century. It is totally out of touch with the reality of today's scientific research migrant workers. As a result, foreign students are generally not optimistic about him before going abroad ." [12]

"I accidentally learned that I had a relationship with Wang Yin. I saw him playing Skateboarding at Tsinghua. I remember that he bought me a bottle of water and paid more attention to his comments. He is so modest and sunny, not extreme or high as others think. He just knows what he needs and how he can live the life he wants to maximize his value. Maybe he should hide some facts and make Tsinghua still a place for the great pilgrimage of fellow students. Just like our college entrance examination compositions, we must have a positive ending to have a high score ." [13]

"I vaguely felt that it was difficult for Brother Wang to go to an ideal research environment. It's not that the education system in the United States is not as good as it was before, but that schools that have applied for foreign scholarships at their own expense for so many years, as well as teachers, are not the best. Even if he is the best school, such as MIT, and has the best mentor, he cannot give the best resources to overseas students from China. To put it bluntly, in the past few years, when I went abroad through GRE, I basically became a TA for my mentor. I helped my teacher to work, but it was not much better than the excellent teachers in the top-notch schools in China.

"Many people are waiting for you to fail ." [14]

3. Current status

While still at IUB, Wang has worked as an intern for Google twice and every four months. One of them was a Google internal retrieval tool for all project code, and Wang was responsible for python retrieval part [15]. After about a week, he developed a prototype and successfully completed the entire project. This part now indexes all Google's Python code every day [15]. Steve yegge, who was in charge of the project, was initially skeptical about Wang Yin's ideas, however, he finally supported and admitted that Wang Yin's project was Steve himself "the most advanced technology he encountered in his 20-year partnership with interns" [16].

In the winter of 2012, Wang joined coverity as a software engineer and still worked on programming language development he was good.

Later, Wang was very active on Sina's blog, but he was inevitably criticized by some unfair comments. Many of these comments are biased and extremely challenging. For example, Wang Yin mentioned that knuth is not an expert in programming language, that is, it was ridiculed by many netizens to say that Wang Yin looked down on knuth, and Wang Yin sprayed out again. I think that, compared with many people who have heard only about taocp, Wang has studied taocp, received knuth check and T-shirt encouragement, and had emails with knuth, wang Yin is also a programming language expert. Therefore, Wang Yin's judgment has a high level of credibility. Wang Yin found that he was too different from his views in the field of programming language, so he closed his comments and only shared his thoughts. Later, Sina Blog was not very convenient to use, so he made a simple website to continue sharing [17], but still could not comment.

4. Related Links

Wang Yin's email: [email protected]

Wang Yin's self-built blog: http://www.yinwang.org/

Wang Yin's Sina Blog: http://blog.sina.com.cn/yinwang0

Zhi Hu on the [Wang Yin] topic: http://www.zhihu.com/topic/19587684

Wang Yin personal homepage in Iub: https://www.cs.indiana.edu /~ Yw21/

The Open Source: https://github.com/yinwang0

Wang Yin's Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/wangyin/

Wang Yin 03 years ago personal home page (Tsinghua do not save graduates home page, so the original has not found, this is its copy version): http://docs.huihoo.com/homepage/shredderyin/index.html

Wang Yin 04 years, 05 years of live Space (because the live space to stop service, has expired): http://spaces.msn.com/members/shredderyin

5. Reference resources

[1] according to the following link, "to the support and opposition to the people working in Linux" written in 2004.8.26, "completely" is unknown: http://hi.baidu.com/southhill/blog/item/6227f063f82627d5e6113a66.html

[2] For more information, see writing to people who support and oppose <working with Linux entirely>.

[3] http://www.beelink.com.cn/20051018/1954753.shtml

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[7] For details, see the original document.

[8] ms or PhD? Http://phillips.blogbus.com/logs/54228967.html

[9] The University of Indiana was founded in 1820 and is one of the oldest universities in the western part of the 'abarata' mountains in the United States. It has eight branches in China: Bloomington, Fort Wayne, Gary, indianapois, kokomo, New Albany, Richmond and South Bend. In Baidu Encyclopedia: http://baike.baidu.com/view/1628363.htm

[10] his personal introduction to introduction on the Iub homepage is PhD student.

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[16] refer to Steve's recommendation on LinkedIn for Wang Yin.

[17] Wang Yin "Sina Blog some problems" http://blog.sina.com.cn/s/blog_5d90e82f0101kqkb.html

========================================================== ======

Appendix 1: Wang Yi's original article Cornell feelings

From: http://bbs.sciencenet.cn/forum.php? MoD = viewthread & tid = 6505. This is not the homepage of Wang, but he can find a few original copies.

The following is originally carried in http://shredderyin.spaces.live.com/blog/cns! 73ff08d72187ce2e! 5259. Entry

Cornell feelings (1)

Some people have asked me about my learning situation and whether I have found an ideal research environment. I have always made some small animals, or I want to share some interesting content here. It's really embarrassing, because I have always felt that I have no right to speak, and I have always thought that I was wrong. But Cornell has been here for a year and a half, and I can also say my thoughts on American education. I may feel wrong, or limited to my major or school. However, the general feeling is that most American education is commercial exam-oriented education, while foreign graduate students are basically cheap labor forces used to cheat undergraduates in money. What undergraduates can learn is less and less than what they pay. The huge pressure on homework and exams has deprived students of the freedom to think. It is hard to find an environment where they study hard.

Let me remember my experience over the past year and a half ......

In, we arrived at Ithaca after more than 20 hours of flight. In the face of this village, we are very novel. The summer here is so beautiful, green grass everywhere, waterfall everywhere, tap water can be directly drunk, and all the rooms have carpets. It seems that everything is so beautiful, and people are so polite. As soon as I got to the sidewalk, the car on the road slowly stopped to let pedestrians cross the road. When I met someone I didn't know on the road, he would say "Isn't it beauul ul ?" In short, the beauty of Ithaca is needless to say, and the overall quality of residents is still relatively high. But soon, this freshness disappears with the various things that Cornell encountered. Cornell gave me a very bad first impression.

In fact, the official start of the school is on the 20th day. The reason we came so early was that we needed to participate in a so-called itadp summer program. Itadp is the international teaching assistant development program, which is the TA training. This training is mandatory. If you do not participate in the training, you will not be able to do TA, and you will not receive financial support. Before we even had time difference, we took this course, from nine o'clock A.M. to three o'clock P.M. every day. I do not remember that they mentioned this thing when applying for Cornell. Instead, they received a letter saying that they wanted all foreign TAS to attend the training after they received the offer. I did not expect Cornell's impression to be lost in my mind.

First, Chinese students who have been trained or are still suffering from training courses hate this thing. We come to the same conclusion that this training has little effect on improving the English proficiency, and it is a waste of time and effort. There is only one week of training in the summer, and the class is divided into small classes. The teacher will evaluate the training at the end of the training. If you fail, you need to take a required course called Educ 578. Educ 578 has an assessment at the end of the period. If it fails, you need to repair Educ 579. The next step is Educ 580,... the course number is changed, but the course content is basically not changed, and it keeps repeating and getting bored. In short, this course consumes a lot of energy and affects your studies. Most Chinese students complain about this course. A lot of people have been sitting on the foundation, but they haven't passed it for two years. If you really want to stay, it would be nice. The situations vary with different systems. I know a doctoral student from the electronics department who was canceled his financial support when his first evaluation failed. He had to pay for his master's degree in computer science.

Let's take a look at the nature of this course? I still remember what the main person in charge of itadp told us during the summer program: "You know why you are here? ... You know how important the undergraduate students are to us? You might even find a Prince or Princess in your class one day, from another country! That tone is similar to the big boss. We are Ivy! It's an aristocratic school! Isn't this clearly exposing our purpose? It serves the "princesses" and "princes" of the undergraduate course. Later, I heard that this is indeed the case. This itadp was established at the strong demand of undergraduates. The princes and princesses may still not get what they want.

This course cannot be left blank. If you skip two classes, you will lose fail, thus canceling the TA qualification. You cannot be late for this lesson. Otherwise, the teacher will warn you when you finish the lesson and fail will be given to you if you are late again. The rules for this lesson are so strict that they are really special. No professional or non-professional courses have such military management. Let's take a look at the content of this course. In fact, the main content is to tell everyone what is good teaching and what is bad. Most of them are nonsense. I remember when talking about education, I mentioned that a good teacher should guide students to think and tell them how knowledge is obtained, instead of instilling it into students. It should relieve the pressure on students, encourage them to innovate. As a result, the teacher was confused about these statements. Apparently, she did not predict what I said. What she expected was not to write too small words on the blackboard.

Then we will do a lot of so-called microteaching exercises. Microteaching is to teach other students in the class some of their most basic professional knowledge. For me, the first time I spoke about Binary Trees. This exercise has some advantages, that is, it makes me understand that many times the teacher thinks that the students understand it. In fact, the teacher only knows that he understands it, but does not know that the students actually don't understand it. However, I later found that Cornell's undergraduate students basically cannot know whether they understand it or not. Whether it's my lectures or my lectures with undergraduates, it's common: After a wonderful story, the teacher asked, "Do you understand ?" No one said. Ask: "Raise your hand if someone doesn't understand it ." No one raised his hand, and it was silent. The teacher had no choice but to continue. In short, everyone thinks that everyone else understands and is afraid that others will not understand jokes. It feels very similar to High School in China. However, in general, microteaching is very effort-consuming. It's okay to talk about it once or twice. It's annoying to do it repeatedly. The other content of the course is to record your own words, every 10 minutes or more, one Wednesday, you must submit your comments to the teacher in time. This is helpful for English, but it takes too much time. It usually takes one or two hours to prepare for that 10 minutes. I often cannot find interesting topics, so I feel bored.

Because in the first phase, a professor in the department happened to give me an RA, so I didn't participate in Educ 578 (of course, like all Chinese students, I did not pass the evaluation in the summer), so I was forced to take this course in the second stage. Every week, this course took me too much energy, so that the only theoretical course I chose in the second phase was not completed. On the one hand, this is also because of the problem of the instructor, he will only write the theorem on the blackboard ...... Prove ...... So then I dropped the course from the legendary cool-man, so that I only took the itadp course in the second phase. I don't think it is a course in a department, so I took one semester.

Fortunately, I am doing well. Every time I look very positive, I am very cooperative with the teacher. In fact, I am scolded for this program. At the same time, I also sympathize with the teacher because she is also a part-time employee. After talking about this lesson for so long, she also felt a little bored, although she did not say it directly ;-) so we were lucky to have barely passed the assessment at the end of the term, and we will not have to take that terrible lesson any more. But I still don't know how many Chinese students are still suffering from itadp ......

The following is originally carried in http://shredderyin.spaces.live.com/blog/cns! 73ff08d72187ce2e! 5261. Entry

Cornell feelings (2)

Let's talk about undergraduate education, because I feel that "Prince" and "princess" are actually quite bitter, almost the same as going to high school in China. Because Cornell has too many undergraduates and has more than 20 thousand students, everyone can take any basic course, so it is often crowded. I am a CS 100 M TA in the first semester. M is the most basic programming class. The first half is matlab and the last half is Java. Tian knows how Matlab is taught as a "Programming Language", so that in the last half of the time, students are often misled by MATLAB, using that way of thinking to write Java. But now M has removed the Java content and has become a pure MATLAB course. To learn Java, go to 100j.

There were more than 280 registered students in that phase. I went to the first class once, and the professor asked us to meet the students. As a result, I only went to two Tas, and a large auditorium filled with people. The professor almost didn't know where I was. The students are very ignorant, so the teacher basically has nothing to do with what to say. Because there is basically no interaction, it is better to use a camera to take a picture, so that students can go back and watch it again if they do not understand it. But I know they won't do that, or everyone else won't come to class.

We have a total of 9 TA and 10 or more undergraduate consultant, responsible for correcting assignments, exam and Q &. Programming assignments are performed twice on two Mondays, with two midterm exams and one final exam. After each assignment is submitted, you will begin to organize the correction without interruption. The three tests were even more military. Every time they were closed exams, they were all full upstairs and downstairs in a large auditorium. Test ...... After the invigilation, everyone collects the examination papers in batches by name and letters, and then "delivers" them to a room to start their homework. Draw a process table on the blackboard, and then draw an X on it after a letter is changed. Generally, tasks can be completed only after half past nine am.

I am very compassionate in changing my homework. I cannot bear to deduct points for a small mistake. If the idea is correct, I will not deduct a lot of points. But not all of them are so good. Some of them are especially tricky and will try to deduct the points to show that they know more than others. If you want to score again, you must submit a written application. Many senior courses still have class names. Some of them have assignments every week and need to submit assignments in the classroom. If they are late, they will be rejected without discussion. Some assignments need to separate each question in different envelopes so that they can be easily assigned to ta, and each individual can only change one question. Everything is mechanized. So undergraduates basically live in fear of homework, exams, and scores. In such an environment, the so-called Western critical thinking is just a joke. This kind of treatment is something I have never met in Sichuan University. Now, comparing it, Sichuan University is really a university ;-)

Ta is assessed by students during and at the end of each semester. It will rate all aspects. But I have never seen this score play any role. It is also said that Cornell has a variety of strange implicit charging practices for undergraduates to increase revenue, because the school has a large budget deficit.

Appendix 2: the feeling of Wang Yi dropping out of Tsinghua

This feeling from Wang Yin mentioned the full score of geometric computing cooperation partners Wang Yi, the full text is reproduced as follows (original load http://bbs.tsinghua.edu.cn/bbstcon.php? Board = Ms & gid = 58706 ):

Wang Yin's drop-out application attracted a lot of discussions, many of whom lived by Wang Yin. I have read the memories of Wang's long article on his own spiritual journey, and my comments from various perspectives. As Wang's classmates and friends, I have always had a lot of feelings over the past few days, I have summarized three points and want to talk about them.

First, the mainstream reflection on this issue on jellyfish is interesting and understandable, and some are even warm. I also have some incomprehension opinions. I think it is normal. After all, this is indeed a very abrupt thing. In any case, I expect our society and education system to show more understanding and care to Wang Yin and his teachers.

(1) From Wang Yin's perspective

Those who have read Wang Yin's drop-out application will know that Wang Yin is an idealist, and most of us are actually opportunistic, seeking to earn Val. I think the two types of people are worthy of admiration: as the mainstream of society, the working ant actually plays a diligent role and is the main force of social progress. The idealists are a minority, like a beacon in the direction. Some beacon lights are not in the correct position, and some are dim and do not trust people. However, in any case, the world cannot lose the beacon. Some people always talk about their dreams, maybe this is the direction of the world. If the idealist says anything, let him say it. If it is right, it is valuable to everyone. If it is wrong, it has time to prove it. What can I do to refute and suppress it? Right?

Wang Yin is not only an idealist. He is a genius, and a genius is not a complete talent. A genius is weaker than a common person in terms of not being a genius and needs to be more concerned. I think that genius is not necessarily a natural talent, but a person who is superior to others. As a friend of Wang Yin, we often discuss issues together (one of the computing ry tasks) and live students who have been studying Tsinghua computer for more than four years, I think I can say responsibly, Wang Yin's speed of thinking, depth, and breadth; desire for exploration, enthusiasm for knowledge, perseverance; hands-on ability; the potential in mathematics and computer science is better than that in our Tsinghua computer department. (I feel that Wang Yin's award paper is far from sufficient to explain his talent. I believe that I am not only a hero of paper.) -- do you mean that you are better than Wang Yin in some ways? Well, ah. You are also a genius! I think this is also the reason for Wang's teachers to let him go in their academic direction (this is a fact I know ). However, genius is not a complete talent-when they invest a vast amount of energy in one aspect, they will not be able to do anything else. Turing cannot deal with the relationship between his gay boyfriend. Hawking will lose his temper to take care of his wife overnight. Einstein cannot take care of his living expenses, and Zhuge Liang cannot gather talents to make him fail... Should we scold them for these shortcomings, so that they can resign and be laid off, so that they are ashamed to live in seclusion? If people around them do this, history will become even more sad. If we do this today, China will never have a Nobel Prize winner or an enlightened politician.

Many of us and our 2001 live streaming students know that Wang Yin is simple in dealing with interpersonal relationships and sometimes cannot understand others. There was a real embarrassment at our birthday banquet, when we went out to drink and sing songs together. We will all say to Wang Yin that we hope he can change it. However, as Wang Yin does not force us to idealize like him, we never feel that we must let him live according to our standards.

I personally think that if a friend deserves my care, I will care about him and help him. No, and you do not have to seek a return. He cannot be asked to change anything. Criticism should be in the form of suggestions and fulfill my responsibilities. Listening and not listening are his tasks. After all, no one can change others' principles, be unqualified, and do not have to do so. I think there are a lot of friends around Wang Yin. They should be similar to my thoughts. If more people can understand and tolerate Wang Yin, understand and tolerate all talented "imperfect" people around us-our society will be more harmonious and perfect.

(2) teachers of Wang Yin

Wang Yin's teachers need more understanding. Wang Yin's article may make people mistakenly think that he has great opinions on his teachers. However, I want to emphasize that I know more about this matter than most of my colleagues. From the two years that Wang has been talking to me, I have never realized that Wang Yin is his personal opinion on the teacher (even if he has an impulse in his article ). As the previous saying goes, "ID" is summed up by the University's brothers. Wang Yin's opinion is a perfectionist, an idealist, and an expression of dissatisfaction with flaws in the system-not to people.

I want to share with you some of the situations I have learned from my perspective:

Wang Yin's mentor is an award-winning senior professor in the Computer Science Department. Under the circumstances of discussing with Wang Yin, Wang Yin was allowed to change his research direction several times, instead of conducting research in their laboratory. The day before yesterday (the second day after Wang Yin's article was reproduced) One Of My postdoctoral fellow wrote a special letter to address the fact that the teacher loves talent. I hope I will persuade Wang Yin. Wang Yin's deputy mentor has a good relationship with many students inside and outside the lab. In the spring of this year, he made a part of his communication opportunities and helped Wang to contact Hong Kong. He hoped that Wang could see some of the highlights of their research areas. During this summer's doctoral forum on computer science, Wang Yin talked to a department leader about some of the deficiencies he saw in education administration. The teacher was very frank and very serious about talking with Wang Yin. He almost reached a whisper and smiled cheerfully: "How did you find this ?". Wang was very excited after being enlightened and said that the teacher was really real. Half a year ago, when another department leader learned that Wang Yin had changed his research direction several times, he asked a young teacher responsible for the students to learn about the situation, help Wang to find a solution. This young teacher was very sincere and touched me. Also, a teacher who taught us at that time had always provided help and guidance while Wang was looking for research directions. He had always insisted on understanding and encouragement when Wang was unhappy. When Wang Yin told me this situation... I am still touched. When these teachers do these very practical jobs, they are all unknown, and they did not put these online for reprinting. I think it is unfair. I hope you can understand the problem more comprehensively.

However, the overall academic environment and atmosphere in China do not meet Wang Yin's ideal requirements. In some respects, it is not as reasonable as in foreign countries. I also have many ideas about this. I think the teachers are more familiar with these situations than our students. This problem cannot be changed by a teacher. But what makes me very happy is that the most competent and admirable teachers I have seen, in front of Wang Yin's idealized opinions, he showed a full attitude of understanding, inclusiveness, patience, seeking truth from facts, and not avoiding problems, I am very confident in Tsinghua and the improvement of China's education system.

(3) My attitude towards this matter

1. It is normal for students to drop out of school. People have their own aspirations. Understandable.

2. Objectively speaking, Wang Yin wrote this article in an impulsive state. Their language is not objective, they cannot have a basic understanding of the teachers, and they are harmful to the teachers who have helped him. I hope that you can give Wang Yin a calm time and a buffer for reflection. I hope Wang can have the opportunity to say "sorry" to the teachers ".

3. Tsinghua's school motto advocates "Better deeds than words. Since there is an idealist talking about the problem, we can check whether there are such problems. Take the initiative to find the problem, do not avoid the problem, change it if there is, do nothing, seek the way of reform-it is called "Self-improvement"; seeking truth from facts, do not deny all, do not waste food for any reason, seeking for the best reform solution is to say "the virtues of things ".

4. From Wang Yin's point of view, it is very important to improve the imperfect side of yourself. Even if it is a genius, his survival depends on himself. You cannot understand or understand others.

5. People are not sages, and there is no way to survive. I hope Wang can continue to stick to his goals while improving himself. Only then can we really live up to the teachers' efforts to cultivate and endure injustice.

[Transition] Wang Yin's past and present situation

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