Translation error of GPS-signal, measurement and performance

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This book [1] By mizilla is a good GPS textbook. However, I was annoyed when I encountered a translation error. In the Chinese version of p177 Exercise 6-11 there is a paragraph:

Is the user Clock Deviation calculated by you (in seconds) the same as the receiver Clock Deviation of 440992.00173454 s in the predicted calendar (see the first column in The rcvr matrix? Why?

I was very confused when I saw the translation. How can I predict the receiver's clock difference in the calendar? That's amazing. How can a satellite know the receiver's clock difference? Although I wrote a reasonable solution program, this strange problem has always left me confused. Until I see the original English text:

Does your estimate of the user clock bias in seconds offer insight as to why the reported clock er clock at this epoch (column 1 of the rcvr matrix) is 440992.00173454 seconds?

In the original article, by comparing the user Clock Deviation calculated by you (in seconds) and the receiving time of the observed data (440992.00173454 S), can you find the relationship between them?

The calculated user Clock Deviation is 0.00173269951192 S, and the observed time is 440992.00173454 S. This indicates that the fractional part of the observed time is caused by the user Clock Deviation.

If I can't see the original English text, this simple question will make the translator a mysterious question. It can be seen that the quality of translators, especially those of Professional Books, is very important. Low levels of translators are harmful.


[1] (US) Mirra (Misra, Pratap ). global Positioning System: signal, measurement, and performance/(US) Pratap Misra, by Per Enge; translated by Luo Ming, Cao Chong, Xiao xiongbing, and other electronic Industry Publishing House, 2008

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