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    • 1. Select the project you can complete
    • 2. do not fall into the engine architecture and grand ideas
    • 3. You do not always need to innovate
    • 4. Work hard and have fun
    • 5. Do not expect your game to be on fire
    • 6. Focusing on successful products is easier than developing new products.
    • 7. There is no magic formula for a developed game
    • 8. You need to be determined
    • 9. Community Management
    • 10. A long way to meet user needs

Original article: Industry insights: 10 tips to succeed on iPhone
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Last month, bolt creative announced that their 99-cent pocket god game sales had hit 1.2 million. This game was released in January and won the first place in March. It remains in this position for about a month. The game is still in the top 10. Pocket God is the latest example of a small team's success on the iPhone. This game was developed by bolts creative, creator of Dave castelnuyun, and Allan dye. In a highly competitive appstore, how can your games or applications succeed on the iPhone? The following are 10 methods provided by castelnu.pdf.

1. Select the project you can complete

It is very hard to become an independent developer. Most of us are doing our dream projects on weekends and evenings, hoping that this will bring us enough income to get rid of full-time work. Most independent developers may leave behind a project that lasted for one or two months, either because they have found new ideas, either they need to give time to full-time work. Suppose this will happen to you. Then you should choose something that can be quickly completed without the need for sales strategies to enter the market. In addition, simple ideas can actually be done well. Both pocket God and flight control are initially completed within one week.

2. do not fall into the engine architecture and grand ideas

The two situations extended from the first point will exhaust your energy. Everyone wants to develop MMO games like World of Warcraft on the iPhone, but such projects have taken several hundred people years to complete. If your team has only two people working at night or on weekends, you cannot. Check your ideas and ensure they are within the scope of implementation. AsProgramClerk, my pleasure is to work out a perfect architecture. Several games I have tried have started from optimizing 3D rendering and designing ai systems, but after a few months, the idea has become obsolete, and I am interested in other things. If your code is messy at the beginning, or is not the fastest running in the same type, it is acceptable. The elegant architecture will not be used as an attraction for the introduction of the game.

3. You do not always need to innovate

Innovation is undoubtedly a good thing, but too many innovations are in fact dangerous. If you pursue things you have never seen before, it may be a good opportunity to get ahead of others, but no one may want to share your enthusiasm.
The strategy for choosing your first game is to find fields that have been proven feasible by the market but are not yet saturated, and develop high-quality products that can be selected by customers.

4. Work hard and have fun

The process of developing games is very important. If your game is annoying during development, your customers will also feel this. Do not make the pursuit of monetary success your main driving force. There are many industries that will be rewarded if you work hard, but the gaming industry is not among them. You need to be passionate about what you do. Putting monetary success first will distract you from the game. What you need is to create what you like.

5. Do not expect your game to be on fire

Do not blame the situation, do not blame competition, and do not blame the audience. Your game is just not on fire. There are already a lot of incredible games in the market, although people may give you some positive comments... Well, praise is free, but it is hard to predict that people will actually pay for it. Hurry to the next project, keep your head on new things and focus on new things.

6. Focusing on successful products is easier than developing new products.

I never thought that the pocket God would get angry. But we stick to it until it is really impossible to succeed. We are considering extending it to platforms other than the iPhone and constantly adding new game mechanisms, which will bring the pocket God to a higher level. If you are lucky enough to experience success, you should do everything in your capacity to make the flames flourish and continue to grow. Do not give up your game before giving full play to its potential.

7. There is no magic formula for a developed game

Developers are successful, sometimes by following the trend of game design, and sometimes by innovating and turning against the trend. Each success story is different. Don't rely solely on the guides that help you copy success. The success of the pocket God is closely related to the weekly update of the game, but not every iPhone developer feels that this strategy is useful to their games. Some of them succeeded in using Lite or demo versions, some of them were high-priced, and then gained popularity through discounts. If you simply follow other people's patterns, you will not actually focus on the relationship between your applications and customers. Focus on your own situation and think about how to gradually improve your game. You can get inspiration from other companies, but you should have your own ideas for you and your products.

8. You need to be determined

Being noticed is not just a marketing method. A perfect game, but nothing new, better, and different from other competitors, is difficult to stand out. What's more, there is a lot of competition in the platform we choose. What is the difference in your game? At the beginning, we used humor to attract players in the pocket God. Then we expanded these methods to continuous updates andCommunityInteraction. Other Games use staggering technologies, sexiness, or controversy. You should find your own formula

9. Community Management

Your community is very important, if you have the honor to own one. Do not hire other people to run your game. Do it yourself, just as a politician wants to kiss the children and shake hands with the people. This makes your game sound special, and what players want to hear is your voice. Your game is not just a game, but the entire environment you provide. Manage your blogs, Twitter, and Facebook to run your games and communities. You don't need to write things every day. You just need to share your thoughts, complain about things that plague you, and talk about things that interest you. Your fans will like your transparency, and they will taste the opportunity behind the scenes.

10. A long way to meet user needs

Very early on, my first application made me realize the power of responding to the community. Someone gave the game a star rating and complained that it had no disk storage function. I spent several days fixing the problem. It immediately responded in a reply and changed it to five stars, saying that he would let all his friends buy the game. Listen to your users and they can provide valuable feedback. If you can provide a good experience, they can become part of the application and are more inclined to sell games to friends. Complaints from customers are your best chance. You may be frustrated to receive an email from someone saying that he is beating your game and asking for a refund of 99 cents. Even so, these people have a lot of passion, most of the time they just want to be heard by others. If you let them know that you are actually very concerned about their ideas, and you are trying your best to treat them, they will often use the same passion to spread product comparison.

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