Triple Photoshop tutorial Weekly Phase II

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Hi! Hello everyone, the triple Photoshop tutorial weekly and we meet Again,

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[PS Example Tutorial] PhotoShop CS5 Enhanced 3D features detailed tutorial

A lot of beginners are interested in Photoshop CS5 3D effect features, letter asked me the use of this feature, here specifically for you to develop this tutorial for you to discuss learning.

At ordinary times we see some three-dimensional, texture super 3D image, in Photoshop CS5 can also be easily realized. Photoshop CS5 New "3D" menu in the menu bar, but also equipped with a "3D" palette, so that users can use the material to map, create a realistic image of 3D images, further promote the 2D and 3D perfect combination.

The tutorial carefully arranged for everyone a group of 3D images, through the entire operation of a skilled master in the "3D" palette, how to set the 3D image of lifelike material and texture. Before starting the tutorial, please download the accompanying practice file on the website so that you can follow the steps of learning.

Download the material to be used in the tutorial


[ps Instance Tutorial] Deep parsing Photoshop Mask Application Basics Tutorial

PS What are the four core technologies?

Channels, masks, paths, selections

But many people are still aware of them at the initial stage and do not have an in-depth understanding of their specific role,

Before the tutorial, I went through a lot of tutorials like this, but only one or two cases to illustrate it, and it's not completely understandable,

Today, I give you a special focus on what the PS mask can do for you.

Whether you are a proficient or a rookie, please read with the utmost patience, I believe this tutorial is of great help to you. What masks are in the


Quick Mask Vector mask clipping mask layer mask

OK, let me explain the quick mask first:

Quick Mask Definition: Quick Mask mode allows you to edit any selection as a mask without using the channel palette, as well as when viewing an image. The advantage of editing a selection as a mask

is that you can use almost any Photoshop tool or filter to modify the mask.

For example, if you create a rectangular selection with the Marquee tool, you can enter quick Mask mode and use a brush to extend or shrink the selection, or you can use filters to distort the selection edges. The selection tool can also be used in

, because a quick mask is not a selection.

To create a mask by using the Quick Mask mode to add or subtract from the selected range. In addition, you can create masks entirely in quick mask mode.

Protected and unprotected areas are differentiated by color. When you leave the Quick mask mode, the unprotected zone becomes a selection.

When working in Quick mask mode, a temporary quick mask channel appears in the Channels palette. However, all of the mask edits are done in the image window. What is the main use of the

Quick mask?

Its role is to make selections by using the color brushes of the black and white gray colors, the white brush can draw the selected area, the black brush can draw the area that is not selected, and the gray brush draws the translucent selection area. The

Brush draws a line or area and then presses Q to get a selection and a temporary channel where we can fill or modify the picture and color palette, and of course, the buckle.

To open the picture of the footage, we now use a quick mask to button a Lotus:


[PS Palette Tutorial] Photoshop is a beautiful picture of the Japanese color

First of all, thank the leaflet children for their artwork.

The first post-processing of Canon's films. I used to use the Nikon system machine. Here is the difference between Canon's film and Nikon's. I think the biggest difference is that the latter is well handled. The picture is very soft and very warm.


[PS image processing] Photoshop for Beauty Photo Whitening introductory Tutorial

Usually do not make up a picture of how can not avoid some spots, so learn how to make perfect skin more key.

First open a photo, here use our beautiful piece, O (∩_∩) o~


[ps-Drawing Tutorial] How Photoshop uses the pull filter to dig

Here's the location of the filter: Filters >> extraction. Location is easy to find. The following figure:

Photoshop Tutorial Let's take a look at how he uses it:

In fact, the principle is very simple, is the part you want to pull out of the filter with the "Edge of the High light tool" (white and brush tools), it is depicted along the edge, then the area is populated with the fill tool, and the third step is previewed to modify the detail section; step Fourth click OK-ok~~

OK, next directly to the diagram above:

[PS composite Picture Tutorial] Photoshop Replacement Map Photo synthesis tutorial 325
[PS image processing] Super strong business portrait Photo Repair Tutorial 315
[PS Example Tutorial] PS Mask Detailed Introduction 300
[PS image processing] PS Turn handsome photos into Black-and-white comic book effect tutorial 299
[PS image processing] Photoshop Dark Photo Lighting method 276
[PS Example Tutorial] Photoshop+ai a tutorial on making fashionable plane posters 251
[PS Drawing Tutorial] Photoshop white retention for translucent wedding tutorial 244
[PS Palette Tutorial] Photoshop creates a popular tan in indoor portrait photos 234
[PS composite Picture Tutorial] Classic tutorial on the synthesis of flaming wing monks by Photoshop 218
[PS composite Picture Tutorial] A detailed design tutorial on the effect of making classic old horse oil painting by PS 214
[PS Palette Tutorial] Photoshop to create a beautiful Korean system of the image of the color blue purple 213
[PS Text Tutorial] Photoshop to make smoke magic text effects tutorial 201
[PS Text Tutorial] PS Make realistic stereo 3D texture Word effect Detailed tutorial 196
[PS image processing] Photoshop tutorial on adding a pane effect to a photo 194
[PS Palette Tutorial] Photoshop backwards to create a later tutorial on fantasy tones 175
[PS Palette Tutorial] Use PS material overlay to make the Desolation effect tutorial 173
[PS Palette Tutorial] Use PS Channel to replace to create elegant cyan location character picture 173
[ps mouse Painting Tutorial] Photoshop gives you a detailed tutorial for beautiful photos 169
[PS Example Tutorial] PhotoShop CS5 making Hellboy movie poster tutorial 168
[PS image processing] Photoshop turns character pictures into classic hand-painted effects 168
[PS composite Picture Tutorial] PS Synthetic Fantasy Jungle Beauty Wizard Detailed tutorial 165
[PS composite Picture Tutorial] A cat-specific tutorial on Photoshop to synthesize a flame in the mouth 161
[PS composite Picture Tutorial] PS Synthetic world end of the Water City Classic course 159
[PS Text Tutorial] PS make 3D Textured layout design Text effect Tutorial 156
[PS image processing] Photoshop Seven steps to make a new tutorial on symmetrical photos 150
[PS image processing] Photoshop creates silky, elegant chocolate-textured portrait 150
[PS image processing] Photoshop for Beauty Photos add Magic effect Tutorial 150
[PS Text Tutorial] Photoshop to make transparent frozen word tutorial 148
[PS image processing] Photoshop character beauty quick Grinding Skin Whitening Course 143
[ps mouse Painting Tutorial] Photoshop drawing a purple butterfly orchid Tutorial 141
[PS Text Tutorial] Photoshop Application Layer Style quick Pattern Word tutorial 140
[PS Palette Tutorial] Application of color filter and gray layer in Photoshop 140
[PS composite Picture Tutorial] Photoshop Synthetic Creative Flame Trapeze detailed tutorial 138
[PS composite Picture Tutorial] Photoshop Synthetic high water waterfall landscape effect Picture Tutorial 137
[PS composite Picture Tutorial] A detailed tutorial on the Magic Miniature landscape effect of PS synthesis 136
[ps mouse Painting Tutorial] Photoshop to draw lovely twriter birds tutorial 136
[PS Palette Tutorial] Photoshop adds pink honey to the cherry blossom photo 135
[PS composite Picture Tutorial] PhotoShop CS5 Synthetic "Transformers" poster tutorial 133
[PS composite Picture Tutorial] PS CS5 Synthesis of the Ghost Knight movie poster tutorial 131
[PS Palette Tutorial] PS for beauty location photos pull up dark yellow retro art tones tutorial 128

Last week: The first edition of the Triple Photoshop tutorial Weekly

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