Triple Photoshop Tutorial Weekly Phase III

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Hi! Hello everyone, the triple Photoshop tutorial weekly and everyone met, due to the 51 holiday originally, PS Tutorial Weekly postponed, children's shoes and so nasty!

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[PS-Pull Tutorial] Photoshop Transparent Object Drawing method

A lot of friends asked to pull the glass problem, novice to pick transparent objects or not understand, today to send a dig glass tutorial. Hope to help you.

First paste the original image and the bottom of a picture:

More ""



[PS Example Tutorial] PS Mother's Day greeting card making tutorial

By combining the digital photos of mother and daughter with flowers, the text is used to make the "mother and daughter greeting card" leaflet. Application of the layer mask and layer style, so that the picture appears natural, more able to highlight the intimacy between mother and daughter, giving a warm feeling.

Final effect:

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[PS Palette Tutorial] Photoshop elegant Korean style wedding photo effect tutorial

The tutorial teaches you to use Photoshop to get the elegant Korean style wedding photo effect, the color palette is to change the specific hue to form another tonal picture of different feelings.

The correct way to learn color, first of all, is to carefully interpret the theory of color composition in Photoshop, first of all, the theoretical basis of color composition chipboard, and then take some typical demonstrations for practice, more "



[PS image Processing] PS to the image processing into sketch-drawing effect

The tutorial teaches friends to use PS to deal with the pictures to sketch the hand effect, the tutorial actually roughly and the hand-drawn effect production is very similar. Just add some simple line outline to make the effect. Let's take a look at the effect chart:

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[PS-Pull Tutorial] Photoshop hair-Drawing method

Plucked hair, in particular, more layers and the background color closer to the hair, it is really troublesome to dig up very annoying, pull the bad, often will appear can not be a background to dig clean or the details of loss too much phenomenon.

Here is a method that allows you to try to avoid background clutter and loss of detail. (My opinion OH) more "



[PS Drawing Tutorial] PS Channel Cutout Example




[PS image processing] Photoshop Figure beauty Tutorial How to go to noise

More ""



[PS Example Tutorial] How to use PS and AI to convert pictures into vector graphs

1. PS Open a file, the file pixel is relatively high, so that the drawings produced in detail will perform better. The foreground colors are set to any color other than white, which is black. More ""



[PS Drawing Tutorial] How does Photoshop pull out the hair that blends with the black background

Photoshop Tutorials

Open the original image with Photoshop, click to come to the channel panel, choose Black and white more clear red channel, right click Copy, get red copy channel. More "



[PS image processing] Photoshop handles photos as realistic sketch effects

More of the original artwork "


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