Troubleshoot configuring endpoint system logs in IaaS error: Ignoring exception:error executin gquery USP

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After configuring endpoint for the VRA infrastructure, the system prompts for the following failure:

1. databasestatsservice:ignoring exception:error Executing query usp_selectagent Inner exception:error executing quer Y usp_selectagentcapabilities

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This failure is caused by a problem with the MSDTC service, so please click Administrative Tools > Component services > Component services > Computers > My Comp Uter > Distributed Transaction

Coordinator , right-click Local DTC and select Properties, as shown in:

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Click Security also tag, the red box of the options, click OK and restart the service can be;

If this does not work, you will need to reload the MSDTC service to execute the command:

1. Msdtc-uninstall

2. Msdtc-install

Then follow the previous steps to configure again;

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Troubleshoot configuring endpoint system logs in IaaS error: Ignoring exception:error executin gquery USP

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