Troubleshoot issues that arise when myeclipse/eclipse creates or imports MAVEN projects

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Recently learning maven, follow the tutorial to import the command line created by the MAVEN project into Eclipse/myeclipse, because the library does not have some dependencies, so when importing the project, the development tool automatically downloads the dependency package. However, due to the special environment of the celestial problems, the package is incomplete, resulting in the introduction of the project inexplicable problems, try to search the Internet to solve the problem, no solution. After setting up the Eclipse/myeclipse agent online, thought can solve the problem, who knows not to force. The following is a variety of wonderful description of the problem, can be solved by the following method, in the final analysis is the dependency package did not download success :

The environments used are: Maven 3.1.1, Eclipse Kepler, MyEclipse 2014

First set of questions:

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    1. No Marketplace entries found to handle maven-compiler-plugin:2.3.2:compile in Eclipse. Information.
    2. No Marketplace entries found to handle maven-compiler-plugin:2.3.2:testcompile in Eclipse. Information.

Second set of questions:

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    1. An internal error occurred during: "Updating Maven Dependencies".
    2. Lorg/codehaus/plexus/archiver/jar/jararchiver;

The third group of questions:

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    1. Errors occurred during the build.
    2. Errors running builder ' Maven Project Builder ' on Project ' (Hid project Name) '.
    3. Org/apache/maven/project/mavenproject
    4. Errors running builder ' Maven Project Builder ' on Project ' (Hid project Name) '.
    5. Org/apache/maven/project/mavenproject


Now that we know that the hegemony of the Celestial gateway led to the emergence of the problem, then we need to set up the agent, the above problem is because there is no connection to the central repository of Maven caused by, only and setting files.

MAVEN willfind the settings.xml file under C:\Users\ hugo\.m2 by default (if it does not, it needs to be copied to the directory under the Conf directory of the MAVEN installation directory) and read the configuration inside, where there is a node in the configuration: <proxies></proxies>

The node is the proxy node, which is the central repository that can access Maven by setting up the proxy to download the dependency package.

So, we add the configuration under that node (I'm using the Goagent proxy FQ tool here, please install the tool first):

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  1. <proxy>
  2. <ID>optional</ID>
  3. <active>true</active>
  4. <protocol>http</Protocol>
  5. <username></username>
  6. <password></password>
  7. <host></host>
  8. <Port>8087</port>
  9. <nonproxyhosts>localhost|</nonproxyhosts>
  10. </proxy>

After you add the configuration item, open the Goagent agent

Key Step 2:

Open the MAVEN plug-in configuration for the integrated environment, select the MAVEN installation directory in installations, select the Settings.xml file you just edited in user settings, and click on "update setting" to take effect.

After that, the import MAVEN project will be able to download the dependency package unimpeded, the speed is very fast OH

Troubleshoot issues that arise when myeclipse/eclipse creates or imports MAVEN projects

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