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Troubleshoot problems with mobile hard disks

Mobile Hard disk is a non-standard USB device, the use of COSCO is not as reliable as the mouse, the problem is many, here is a lot of common situation summed up: about the basics see I write the mobile hard drive Faq,pcmarket and hardwre have.

1, if your hard drive box is below 50 yuan, especially marked with the words of IBM, please change this box quickly. This kind of box is also early, since 03 the quality of production can not be tolerated, a lot of fault occurred in this box, if you still cherish your hard drive, please replace it.

2, the mobile hard disk partition not more than 2.

3, the use of 200 yuan of the following boxes of mobile hard disk is best not inserted in the long-term work of the machine, mobile hard disk is used to temporarily exchange data, not a local hard drive. Compared to the notebook built-in, mobile hard drive notebook hard work in the harsh environment, should try to shorten the working hours. The correct way to use it is to use the local hard drive to download information, and then copy to the mobile hard drive, instead of hanging on the machine all night to download. This statement is tantamount to the usb1.1 interface copy mass data sentenced to death, if you want a large number of copy data hurriedly add a USB2.0 card.

4, do not give the mobile hard disk defragment, finishing the method is the entire partition inside the data are copy out, and then copy back.

5, the mobile hard disk can not recognize or copy will be disconnected how to solve? (1) Do not use the USB plus line, the quality of such lines are generally not very good, will make the USB data synchronization error, so that the mobile hard drive can not work properly. Do not use the front USB connector on the chassis for the same reason. Try to plug the mobile hard disk into the original USB port. (2) Eliminate your inferior USB hard drive box, replace the inferior data line for the high quality USB cable with shielding layer (that is, the line with the better box band). (3) USB interface is not compatible, non-Intel chipset motherboards sometimes have USB compatibility problem, but now is selling the mainstream chipset almost only NFORCE2, the legend of the new BIOS and USB drive improved NFORCE2 USB compatibility, But practice has shown that improvements are limited. The only way to completely solve this problem is to buy a PCI USB2.0 card, others see 6.

6. How to solve the problem of insufficient power supply? (Power shortage is a big reason for 5) (1) Buy a better USB removable hard disk box. (2) Purchase 4200 turn notebook hard disk to do the mobile hard drive. Don't buy a 5400-turn. Do not believe the value of the current on the hard disk, there is no reference value. The practice proves that Hitachi's 4200 conversion models, such as 4k80 4k40 80GN, are all good choices. Generally do not buy Fujitsu or Toshiba, because there is no official channel in the mainland business. Generally do not buy St's, because St's hard drive is generally 5400, although the current value is marked 0.47A. (3) When purchasing a notebook computer, consider the power supply capacity of the USB port. has proved that the USB interface power supply is too weak: Samsung Q20/dell 300m/x300; Sony V505, almost all R;toshiba p2000/2010 before IBM R40. USB power supply is poor, see more in the Japanese and Korean light machine. I am most appreciative of is IBM X31 USB port, regardless of the mobile hard drive (even if it is 5400 rpm), the external combo all-in-one, its power supply is no less than the general machine. If the purchase of PCI USB2.0 card, to pick a 4-pin auxiliary power supply, if the purchase of notebook PC Card USB2.0 adapter card, to pick with a transformer auxiliary power supply, at least have to have a PS2 auxiliary power supply line. (4) The Mobile hard disk box itself also has auxiliary power supply line, good box directly to a transformer, the box also has a PS2 or USB power supply line, the power supply of course to plug, even if the USB port is enough to drive the hard drive, if not a short time to work, it is recommended to plug in, USB interface power is always very reluctant.

7, do not mix power line!! The line of a box is only for a box, a PC Card power line can only be used for that type of card. The interface voltage of the power supply line is defined differently, the box is burned lightly, and the hard drive is burnt.

8. How to make the mobile hard drive run faster? Copy large file is certainly more efficient than small files, the following data are for large file copy. (1) usb1.1 must be upgraded to USB2.0. The machine has PCI USB2.0 Card, notebook has the PC Card USB2.0 card. Buy cards can not be cheap, 100 yuan below the notebook card, 50 yuan below the Taiwan machine card do not buy. (2) The model of the hard disk to a new point, the General 02 from the production of the disk have to run to 15m/s+ ability. (3) USB interface: The first power supply to sufficient. The control chip is best with the NEC or Intel ICH4/5 Bridge, followed by Ali, the most via. However, these chips actually have the ability to 15m/s, but also to see the PCB board design and workmanship. GL811 =ali (wretched version, model forgotten, very small), NEC Bridge chip is rarely used in the hard disk box, is generally used in the optical drive box, NEC is also very good, can be compared with the ISD300. In fact, GL811 also have to run to the 18m/s level, and the transfer card a truth, speed more to see PCB design and workmanship. The card and the box, the expensive purchase certainly is correct. (5) The local hard drive should also be fast enough. (6) usb1.1 speed is 1m/s, usb2.0 pass level is 10m/s, if not enough 10m/s, then in the notebook hard disk, box, interface, local hard drive at least one bottleneck. I use the Asus Intel 845PE motherboard, meta-antique Dual Interface Box (ISD300), Hitachi 80GN hard disk, local hard drive ST7200.7, speed can reach 22m/s, the same platform with the box of the city GL811 reached 18m/s. 22M/S is already almost the limit of the hard drive transmission speed, it seems that this time the USB2.0 bandwidth has not been fed. Poor-quality USB cards can even run to 4m/s to the gap. (7) Too many finely small files can also be used winrar packaging and then copy.

9, 1394 mobile Hard disk: (1) power supply: The machine with the 6-pin 1394 rated current of 1 A, enough to drive all mobile hard drives, even the hard disk. 4 pin mouth does not power, must give the mobile hard drive additional power supply. PC Card 1394 can not power supply, must be to the PC Card or mobile hard drive power supply. (2) 1394 interface: TI dual chip for the best; Ricoh is also very good, but rarely in the retail card, the IBM x series is often Ricoh, Ali is also OK, via the worst (General Taiwan motherboard Board is this), but still that sentence, work is more important than chip. (3) Box: The general mobile hard disk of 1394 are used oxford911 Bridge, did not see the shrinking chip. Oxford922 is a more excellent IC, single chip to fix usb2.0/1394 dual interface, now has some high-end 3.5-inch hard disk box use, 2.5-inch box has not seen. PL-3507 is a Taiwan IC design company's products, is also a single chip dual interface, performance test, I just saw the product. (4) Measurement: My platform used a TI dual-chip PCI1394 card, Yuan Gu dual interface box (oxfd911), 80GN, speed is also 22m/s. The peak speed that had been tested was also 24m/s. And the same box and hard drive in the Compaq X1000 (onboard via1394ic), the speed is 17-18m/s. (5) The biggest advantage of 1394 is the low CPU share.

10, the proper protection of your mobile hard drive. Avoid beating, take care of light, pay attention to temperature, too hot to stop, dry waterproof, first delete and then pull.

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