Troubleshoot problems with Flash in PowerPoint that can't be played

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The way PowerPoint inserts Flash animations is a bit tricky, and today we're going to talk about some of the tips for using Flash in PowerPoint!

1. How to use flash clips

Sometimes in the use of Flash in PowerPoint, we only need one fragment in Flash, but Flash does not (play), (pause), (fast-forward), such as buttons, flash files can not be modified, so the effect of using flash will be greatly compromised.

After groping, the author found that we can do this: after we insert PowerPoint in Flash, after resizing, we first preview the slide into Flash, play to the frame we need, and then stop. When you play a slide show, Flash is exactly the frame we need when playing this slide. If the frame used is finished and Flash is not finished, we can add a button hyperlink to the slide that we need. This same flash file can be used more than once in one presentation, each time the clips can be played differently. This technique is very useful in the review class.

2. How to solve the Flash animation can not play the problem

I believe many people will find that a good insert flash presentation on their own machine playback normal, but the copy to the U disk on the other place but not. When you open the PPT, you will find that the slide into Flash is shown in Figure 1, because the path to the Flash file is not correct.

Figure 1 Flash cannot play because the path is not correct

Click the rectangle, then right-click, select Properties from the pop-up menu, eject the control's Properties dialog box, and then select the (...) on the right side of the custom bar.

In the Movie URL column, fill in the URL address of the SWF file (Figure 2). It's a good idea to put your presentation and flash files in the same folder here (preferably a new folder, except for the presentation and the material you need, preferably no more), so we just fill in the SWF file's filename. At this point, you have to go to other machines to use, just to copy this folder together can be foolproof.

Figure 2 PowerPoint Modification SWF Address

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