Troubleshoot problems with PHP images that are uploaded by Windows IIS

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1, we first click on the computer with the mouse Start menu, is the bottom left corner of the icon, and then click inside the Control Panel tool, click on the Control Panel can be pop-up window.

2, in the Pop-up Control Panel window, we see inside there are a lot of icon function can be used, we need to find this time is the Security Center, click on the later to see that there is an option for Windows Firewall click Selected.

3, we clicked on, pop up a new window and then set up, we see the window has a closed option, we choose to close the option to click, and then save the close window can be.

The above three steps is to be able to solve the Internet when we pop-up Firewall tip window solution skills, if you encounter such a situation do not know how to solve, I hope to help you.

Finally, the solution for using IIS-configured PHP in Windows to not upload files with the help of this article was successfully solved

Summary of questions:

If PHP is using IIS under the Windows platform, PHP uploads the file to a temporary directory before uploading it.

(This configuration item can be configured in PHP.ini's "Upload_tmp_dir", because our server has not been configured, PHP will use the system's temporary directory "C:windowstemp")

PHP then moves the files uploaded in the temp directory to the directory you specified.

There is a problem, that is, the default permissions in the TEMP directory do not have the appropriate IIS access (Windows default configuration), the file uploaded to the directory by default is inherited from the Temp directory permissions

When PHP moves file files to the specified directory, the moved files do not inherit the directory permissions

This causes the file being moved to be accessed from the browser because it does not have the appropriate permissions (IIS access rights) to visit the normal question

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