Troubleshoot problems with WiFi connection restrictions

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Recently, a friend of the computer appeared such a problem, their computer can connect to the home wireless network, but the hint is limited, do not know how to solve.

At first I thought it was the password input error of the wireless network of the computer network, later confirmed is not wrong, but strange is before, how can not now, after careful questioning have not moved a computer or something, the answer is used to be a desktop wireless internet, now use this is a new notebook computer, But it turns out that the father's room desktop is still available, and from this information it can be found that the problem is probably in your filter.

After landing the wireless network you can find that the results of the IP filter set up to prevent others to use software to crack the net, the result I just need to add a new MAC address notebook, the result will be on the.

Wireless Internet is the most disturbing is the network limited situation, the wireless network may connect, the signal is also very good, is not on the net. The signal on the wireless network has a yellow exclamation mark on it, but it's not on the net. In fact, this problem for the wireless network is still very common, the cause of this problem there are many, the following on a few common situations to troubleshoot wireless network can be connected, but not on the network.

1, check the password is wrong

Enter the wireless connection password, if the password is longer may be wrong password, so we recommend that you enter a password again. If possible, enter the password directly using the copy-paste method. When copying and pasting, be careful not to select irrelevant characters yo, add one or two spaces is the most common error.

2, the wireless router binding MAC address

In order to prevent others from rubbing the net, many home users have set up wireless MAC address filtering, but when the computer or wireless network card replacement, it will not be on the network, so you need to add a new MAC address in the router settings.

3, check the service setup problem

Checking the computer-side service settings, such as DHCP Client, Wirelesszero Configuration service does not start, can cause the wireless network to use abnormally. Where DHCP is not turned on, computers that use automatic IP allocation cannot automatically configure IP addresses.

4, check the assigned IP address manually

Wireless networks use manually assigned IP addresses and DNS addresses, which are required to be set in the wireless connection properties under Windows. Windows and Linux are not the same, you can not set different IP addresses for different wireless networks, so when switching between multiple wireless networks, it is easier to use a manually assigned IP.

5, the wireless card driver is not correct

Most of this happens when you first use a wireless card, and if you use Windows 7, you will normally automatically download and install the correct NIC driver. However, in extreme cases, the download driver may not be suitable for NIC use, so it is possible to download the driver from the manufacturer's homepage.

6, check the WPA patch is installed

Under Windows XP, you need to install patches to support WPA2-PSK encryption, so if your router uses this encryption and you haven't upgraded to XP SP3, install KB893357 patches.

Wireless network can connect, but not on the network of the fault check on the above steps, but may be a lot of other reasons, network adapter driver incompatibility may lead to network connectivity, but not on the network.

Wireless Internet is really a lot of problems, before a lot of people use BT3,BT4 software to break others to free wireless Internet access, the most easily cracked is the network WEP and WAP encryption, but wap2 cracking difficult, So the friend who uses the wireless network best chooses WAP2 network encryption way or chooses MACIP address to filter all is very safe.

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