Troubleshoot SATA hard drive installation XP system issues

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Many friends have acquired a notebook and encountered some difficult problems.

Usually install XP when the blue screen or install half of the time the copy file failed! This is generally the problem of hard disk, here is not to say hard disk physics problems, software problems. Serial ATA hard disk, Serial ATA bus with embedded clock signal, with a stronger ability to error correction, compared with the past the biggest difference is that the transmission command (not just data) to reflect, if the creation of errors will be actively corrected, which greatly improved the reliability of data transmission. Serial interface also has a simple structure, supporting the advantages of hot plug, so now the notebook is generally used SATA hard drive, because the XP system in the installation process is short of SATA hard drive mode support, so it will cause this situation. General Vista is fully supported SATA hard drives. So there's no such problem when you install Vista, and there's no official solution for XP failures, and now, based on personal experience, the following solutions are available, looking to sponsor a friend:

The solution is to enter the BIOS, find the SATA settings, generally in the config entry, the SATA mode to disable or compatible mode (compatibility mode), each BIOS version of different specific options are not identical, but generally two, After entering, select another item that is different from the current item. At this point we should be able to install Windows XP, but after the installation did not display the advantages of serial hard disk, so I also need to install SATA driver. IBM has developed a patch under Windows XP that is tested by more than n people and most laptops can be used. First we download a driver named the ThinkPad Intel (R) Matrix Storage Manager, double-click the Prepare folder in which you double-click Install, the default installation is OK, and then reboot and enter the BIOS, Change the SATA settings back to the enabled state. Enter the Windows system will prompt to find new hardware, after the Driver installation Wizard Select "No, temporarily not", then you can use some driver life or drive the wizard such software, installation drive. After the above steps, the SATA hard drive has been able to function properly.

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