Troubleshooting CentOS Yum Update error

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Installed CentOS 7 in the server yesterday, encountered the Yum update failure problem. This problem is limited by the mirror address.

The following error is displayed:

This error is typically the problem with the source of the Mirror:

Mirror connection Error

Consider using a domestic mirror, such as a 163 image.


Here is the CentOS 7 example, the other version to change the number is good, take the large version number


MV Centos-base.repo Centos-base.repo.bak

Vi? Centos-base.repo

name=red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.0-base
name=red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.0-updates
name=red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.0-extras

Save it.
may have just changed to not take effect immediately need to buffer a period of time, I just changed when the reality is not, so I went to eat, come back to find somehow good!

If the following error occurs:

is generally a DNS problem

The test method is ping outside the network, found that the ping is not the problem.


echo "NameServer" >>/etc/resolv.conf

or edit the parse file


Add NameServer
Save to exit.
Then yum update is available.

Troubleshooting CentOS Yum Update error

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