Troubleshooting Linux compile Make file error "/bin/bash^m: Bad interpreter: No file or directory" problem

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PS Background: I am in the company to do the SDK PC-side development, so often in the win under the compiler to run after running to Linux to run again has been ensured to support multi-platform.

Today, after running a program under win, and then running under Linux, I used the command:

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    1. sudo./

But nothing happens. So I changed the instructions, with

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    1. chmod u+x
    2. ./

Error "^m: Bad interpreter: No file or directory". Previously encountered this problem, changed several methods of compilation to solve, single this time or not, so change:

When compiling the error:

Later a think \ r This symbol how to appear, so all kinds of Baidu, just know the reason may be because I in win under Operation, modified to this file.

When the edit under Win, the end of the line is \n\r, and under Linux is \ n, so there will be more out of the \ r

With instructions:

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    1. Sed-i ' s/\r$//'

will replace the \ r in with blank!

Compile again! Success!!

PS: Write in the back

Reference article:

On the first floor, Daniel proposed that there is a Dos2unix software, I see sure good! Thanks Cedardiao Daniel!

Troubleshooting Linux compile Make file error "/bin/bash^m: Bad interpreter: No file or directory" problem

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