Troubleshooting method of Internet Bar network protocol

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Sometimes network protocols can occur a variety of problems, a lot of NMS in the face of problems. This article said that the Internet Café network protocol troubleshooting methods.

First, the performance of Internet Bar network protocol fault

Protocol failures typically behave in the following ways:

1. Internet café computer can not log on to the server;

2. The computer does not see itself in the "Network Neighborhood", nor does it see other computers, or cannot find other computers;

3. Computers can see themselves and other members in their "Network Places", but cannot access resources (such as copies) on other computers;

4. Computers cannot see themselves or access resources on other computers in their network Places.

5. Computer can not access Intetnet via LAN

6. Duplicate computer name.

Second, the reasons for the failure of Internet Bar Network protocol

1. No network protocol is installed. To realize LAN communication, the NetBEUI protocol should be installed.

2. The protocol is not configured correctly. TCP/IP protocol involves four parameters, including IP address, subnet mask, DNS (domain name resolution Services) gateway, any one of the settings error, will cause the failure occurred.

3. There is one or more computers with duplicate names on the network.

Third, the Internet Café Network protocol troubleshooting steps

When the above protocol failure occurs in the computer, the following steps should be followed to locate the fault:

1. First check whether the Internet Café Computer installed TCP/IP and Netbeul protocol, if not, it is recommended to install the two protocols, and the TCP/IP parameters configured well, and then restart the computer.

2. Use the ping command to test the connection with other computers;

3. In the network attribute of Control Panel, click the File and Print Sharing button, and check the File and Print Sharing dialog box that pops up to see if the Allow other users to access my files and allow other computers to use my printer check box is selected, or one of them. If not, select All or select one. Otherwise, the folder will not be shared;

4. After the system restarts, double-click My Network Places to display other computers and shared resources on the networks. If you still do not see other computers, you can use the "find" command, you can find other computers, everything OK;

5. Name the computer again in the identity of the network attribute to make it unique on the network.

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