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Not long ago in the South Airlines website to help friends to book tickets, the process of booking a near misses passed. For the sake of insurance, I first in the Ticket Verification page query confirmed already seated, and want to query results URL directly posted in the mail, but found that the verification results URL did not change:

So, I take the user as the center of a good idea, had to put the query URL and e-ticket sent to the past to let friends check. In professional terms, this is the URL does not follow the search criteria parameters of the false link, 07 in Baidu and Sogou map of the reference is also such a problem, now Sogou has been adjusted over. Look at two more examples:

Search for Ctrip Beijing-Chengdu tickets at the site

Search the website of Beijing-Chengdu Air ticket in Yi Long network
Http://,BJS,CTU,,, 633839904000000000,633837312000000000,,,,, 1,529,1,,false,,, 1,0,0,0,,0,529,

In carrying Cheng Cha ticket, especially the trip back and forth repeatedly check, it is easy to get depressed by its URL. Yi Long can use, on the surface also no problem, but a bit wordy, there is a lot of room for improvement.

From the principle of Internet technology, the search engine only according to the unique URL index, each retrieve unique URL will greatly improve the information on the internet exposure rate. Although various parameters and characters will affect the search engine processing, but there are technical solutions to transform and accelerate, such as Taobao Search "UCD spark SET" FOR the following static representation URL:

Http://,kvbujo7qxoulzly ——-2 ——-b–40–commend-0-all-0.htm?at_topsearch=1&ssid= E-s1

05 Proposed Concise and semantic page address in the main exposition of "semantic" thought, in fact, the core concept has not changed, is as far as possible from the URL to mining the relevant information from the page. True and false links are mainly to explore whether and the page corresponding to the problem, perhaps combined with the current popular Ajax technology can be more clearly elaborated, look at the following three products:

Gmail vs 126mail vs Qqmail

I've been on this site since my 126 mailbox entry.

My QQ mailbox has always been this site

My Gmail mailbox reads the URL of an email in my inbox.

NetEase 126 Mailbox, Tencent QQ Mailbox in the industry is also good reputation, in the experience angle has been trying to catch up with Gmail, I do not know whether the designers have noticed that they log in to the Inbox, draft box, Garbage bin URL has not changed, and Gmail not only on the Inbox, draft box, garbage box has a URL distinction, There are different URL suffix identifiers for each message.

    • Https://
    • Https://
    • Https://
    • Https://

A friend will ask, similar to the high density of private mailbox products, there will be a copy of the URL to share the needs of friends? Obviously, no one else can use your mailbox password. But users can easily record, collection, if a message loaded out of the problem, when the page true link URL refresh can reload, false link may be back to the home page. Even after the browser has died, the user can quickly copy and find the target browse again.

In addition, the true link URL with the browser can use the "forward, back" button, in order to constitute a B/s architecture product perfect experience, but only Gmail do. Including the preceding article can have the search parameter suffix, 126 and QQ mailbox also really did not.

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