Trust your right eye, call of Duty 12, real man experience.

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Tired of crossing the line of fire this can only in the small map Tigger of the competitive shooting game, then you can try to play a large game "Call of Duty 12", into the foreign battlefield, in person to live on the scene, through the entire legendary plot!

And like when the protagonist of the game, the small part of the first vision of the role-playing game has a unique experience, "Swordsman Love" fascinating plot, also commanded the "Delta" special forces. These classic games are evocative and give hope for the future. This is not a hobby, but a belief! Call of Duty 12 as another masterpiece of Activision Blizzard, what is the game experience like? Below, enter the third section of Call of Duty 12: Singapore. The following is the configuration checklist for the host.

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"Call of Duty 12" is not the plot of the World War II period, the story of its campaign model set in "Call of Duty 9: Black action 2" after the end of 40 years-the next 2,065 years, in this era of technological explosion, the robot became the main battlefield, At a higher level, there are techniques that involve neural interfaces (DNI) that can cause human distortion, which is curious and alarming.

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With the iGame960 blaze Ares U-4gd5 This higher end of the graphics card, into the game plot, from the first person's perspective can be seen, the game is very good picture quality, wall, character fireworks, like the real, and real people in the battlefield and there is no big difference, and such a picture is what everyone likes. There is no denying that this lifelike picture is not only a good graphics card problem, but also because the game company's detailed processing of the game screen.

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In the plot, the role of each to in the corresponding position will trigger the relevant plot, the radio prompts can guide the role of a smooth path to the designated location, to complete a specific task, during the natural encounter with the enemy, in order to arrive at the designated place on time, sometimes must fire, clean up the enemy of the highway.

I believe that the students play the game not only enjoy the shock of pleasure, but also enjoy the real picture of the feeling, where these can feel. In the game the light of the roof shines to the gun to produce the reflection which makes the person very feel, not to mention the team-mates ' three-dimensional sense makes the person feel that they are standing beside oneself.

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By specifying the route, he went to the interrogation room and the enemy was interrogating Prime Minister Samoa Ihde. The task now is to rescue the prime Minister and bring it to the safe zone. Through the glass, the protagonist can see the scene in the interrogation room, hear the prime minister and the enemy interrogation personnel dialogue, and the inside of the people are unable to see outside, the protagonist and teammates through tactical arrangements, successful assault interrogation room, rescued the prime minister.

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In the game, the scene of the battle is also very real, shooting at the enemy, the enemy will splash the ground, if his gun, then the entire lens will have red blood, the more serious the damage the picture will be blurred, very severe, will be dizzy due to excessive blood loss, the picture darkened, black. In order to avoid being too bloody, in the game whether it is their own death or the death of the enemy, we will not see disgusting things, even wounds, so the designers in this regard is very thoughtful.

In general, "Call of Duty 12" although the plot is very wonderful, but very reasonable, and the game is nuanced, is a very good game. This game experience, with Tomahawk C.Z170-D3 Player version V20 as the platform assembly of the host, play "Call of Duty 12" full performance, eight power supply design for high-configuration requirements of "Call of Duty 12" to provide a very sufficient, stable current, configuration of high-end graphics and memory, so that the game is very smooth play. No lag, the game of three-dimensional, brilliant lighting effect, and the compact plot is to let people immersive, experience a real man.

Trust your right eye, call of Duty 12, real man experience.

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