Try to wrap the TCP protocol in your own Perl language with the effect of a python-like language decorator

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# Copyright Axxeo GmbH

# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");

# You are not a use of this file except in compliance with the License.

# Obtain a copy of the License at




# unless required by applicable or agreed to writing, software

# Distributed under the License is distributed on a "as is" BASIS,

# without warranties or CONDITIONS of any KIND, either express or implied.

# See the License for the specific language governing permissions and

# Limitations under the License.


Package buildsockettcp;

Require exporter;

@ISA = QW (exporter);

@EXPORT = QW (ReadFile checkfile);

Use io::socket::inet; # provides an object interface to creating and using Socket

Use strict ' vars '; # This generates a runtime error if your use symbolic references

Use constant false = 0;

Use constant true = 1;

# flush after every write

$| = 1;

#Create a new instance

Sub New {

My $self = {}; # Connect The hash to the package Cocoa.


My ($ip, $port, $proto, $isserver) = @_;

My $socket;

My $self->{' ip '} = $IP;

My $self->{' port '} = $port;

if ($isserver = = True && $proto = = ' TCP ')


My $socket = new Io::socket::inet (

#LocalHost = ' ',

LocalPort = $port | | ' 7777 ',

Proto = ' TCP ',

Listen = 5,

Reuse = 1) or die "* Error Server in Socket Creation: $!\n";

Print "TCP Server connected successful is created with port: $port \ n";

print "---------------------\ n";

$self->{' sock '} = $socket;




My $socket = new Io::socket::inet (

Peerhost = $ip | | ' ',

Peerport = $port | | ' 7777 ',

Proto = ' tcp ') or die "* Error Client in Socket Creation: $!\n";

Print "TCP Client connected successful is created with host: $ip \ n";

Print "TCP Client connected successful is created with port: $port \ n";

print "---------------------\ n";

#print "$socket". " \ n ";

$self->{' socket '} = $socket; #将新建的socket作为类似 class properties are stored in Dict


#print $self->{' socket '}. " Aaaa\n ";

Bless ($self); # Here should be aware that only bless the self variable itself

return $self; # Return The reference to the hash.


#Subroutine to accept the socket

Sub AcceptSocket


my $self = shift;

return $self->{' socket '} = $self->{' sock '}->accept ();


#Subroutine to close the socket

Sub Closesocket


my $self = shift;

$self->{' socket '}->close () or Die "* Error to close the socket"


#Subroutine to send the data

Sub Sendviasocket


my $self = shift;

My ($data _out, $length, $description) = @_;

($self->{' socket '})->send ($data _out, $length);

($self->{' socket '})->flush;

Print "Send data successful via TCP socket>>: $description >>: $data _out\n";


#Subroutine to recv the data

Sub Recvviasocket


my $self = shift;

My ($length, $description) = @_;

My $data _in;

($self->{' socket '})->recv ($data _in, $length);

($self->{' socket '})->flush;

#print "recvied data successful via TCP socket: $description >>: $data _in\n";

return $data _in;



This is just to provide you with a way of thinking, after all, is the first attempt to write something similar, inevitably there are shortcomings, I hope you understand, so similar to the effect of Python language decorator, to some basic package inside the method provides more expansion and beautification of the role, but also for later use provided convenient.

This article is from the "EIT Tramp" blog, please be sure to keep this source

Try to wrap the TCP protocol in your own Perl language with the effect of a python-like language decorator

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