TSC Barcode Printer Problem Solving method

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1. Enter the barcode label if there are garbled, why is this

The Code 39 may have been selected, decreasing incrementally, hexadecimal.

2 T/T d/t what is the meaning of the distinction?

T/t means that the thermal transfer mode D/T represents the thermal mode.

3. The label paper is printed out with white particles, why?

It is a ribbon that is not fitted, or a few different color bands to try, or the label paper is not installed.

5. Why the width of the ribbon can not be less than the width of self-adhesive label paper size?

If it is less than the label paper, this is very damage to the printer head.

6. Nicelabl Le to write a code, can be the following text description beyond the length of the bar code, how to deal with?

You can put the following text description into no description, in the direct input text, in the text set.

Double-click the bar code, the graphic way to print the bar code on the tick, in to the human eye identifiable code, select the bar code, you can set the font, and the font automatic scaling hook canceled.

7. How to restore the factory value and test paper TSC ttp-243/243e/342 machine?

Turn on the Feed+pause green light alternate flashing red light calculate a reincarnation, operation three rounds can;

Press and hold pause key to test paper;

8. What is tearing off mode, stripping mode?

Rip off mode is our usual mode, stripping mode is to print out the label can immediately use external accessories to put the label next. Generally used on the assembly line

How to correct the operation of the Black Label sensor?

You write copy CON LPT1 in a DOS environment;

Enter and write Bline 2mm,0

Enter Press F6 key, enter

Is there anything different between TTP-243 and ttp-243e???

TTP-243 can be equipped with cutting knives, ttp-243e can not be added cutting knives

Printed layout, left or right not clear

1. Print out the layout, there is not clear to the left or the right side of the phenomenon, that your printer is not under the correct pressure to hold, the pressure is not evenly caused.

2. When you put the carbon belt and paper, to the entire print seat pressure down fixed, please note that the machine on both sides have a card, press down when there will be two on behalf of the entire printing block will be fixed, please check

Noise or carbon back scroll bar not going when printing

1. It is possible for the carbon belt supply shaft and the carbon to bring back the scroll bar to the two sides of the direction of the opposite side

2. The correct method for the bar code machine for their own (paper direction towards themselves), the edge of the carbon belt axis raised to the right, and just stuck in the machine groove in the Four corners, so that the tightness will not loose.

3. Stepper motor has problems;

4. Stepper motor directly driven carbon belt shaft gear has less teeth, or relatively smooth, or relatively loose problems;

If the machine often occurs because of the phenomenon of paper jam

1. The paper Board of the machine may not be installed or lost

2. The machine has been glued to the label, resulting in the machine has a residual plastic, easy to glue the standard table or cardboard

3. The characteristics of the machine after the boot has inverted volume of action, it is recommended to start printing, at least to leave a piece of paper space at the edge of the machine, to avoid paper in the printing directly involved in the machine

It's hard to locate a machine for Black Label, why?

243e and 342 are somewhat problematic in the use of continuous paper and black Label positioning. Teach you a trick to get the film off the sensor and try it out.

The boot test paper, or print self-test page, the recovery axis of the ribbon will not turn; sometimes accidentally one or two will be good, loaded with the drive and Nicelabel in the design of printing, the belt recovery shaft does not turn. I took the scroll back, put the carbon directly to my hand to print, 10 consecutive dozen no problem! You can print without a recycle shaft

If the recovery shaft does not take over the core is not rotating is the problem of DC motor bad;

243E Restore the factory value, test paper, can print self-test page, can be loaded drive and software after printing, immediately the first and third lights flashing, and the second error flash, why?

May be a problem with the motherboard and firmware

The TTP-343 machine turns on the red light, why?

You can't buckle that finale place.

The bottom pin of the stain head breaks.

344M to print tag class, how to adjust the print head pressure, printing more clearly?

Clockwise, each rotation is equivalent to 0.7mm

344M How to restore the factory value?

Press pause+feed key to boot, appear English word let go

A 2-year 344M machine, performance has been very stable, but recently appeared in bulk printing, the first position of each batch is always more than the starting position of other labels 3-5 mm. May I ask what is the cause of "?

1, first to check the stepper motor. Check whether the screw in the stepper motor is loose, whether the gears are complete and whether the solder joints of the wires are loose. If there is no problem, need to replace the stepper motor. This is the most likely.

2, the replacement of rubber roller shaft. Due to the long wear of rubber rollers, the surface friction may not be enough to cause the paper to be driven.

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